Repercussions by scifichick774

Story Title: Repercussions
Author Name: scifichick774
Story UrlStory Link 1
Alternate Url: Story Link 2
Content Rating: Mature
Status: In Progress
Length: Epic
Tags: Het: m/f, DM/HG, Drama/Angst
Main Characters: Hermione Jean Granger, Draco Malfoy
Story Summary: Post Hogwarts by about a year. Draco and Hermione must face the consequences of one night’s events.

Gioia’s Rec:

This rec is an unusual one for me. For starters, this epic-length story is still a WIP. And although the author is continuing to update the story regularly, it could be awhile before the story is finished. Scifichick has never yet abandoned any of her many stories from what I can tell, but I’m always hesitant to rec WIPs because of the understanding that real life can often prevent such long fics from ever being completed.

However, the real reason this is an unusual rec for me is based on the moral ambiguity of the fic. In it, Draco has raped Hermione while drunk, fathering a magical child at a time when only 1 in 10 wizarding pregnancies are resulting in a magical child. Hermione is quickly forced by the ministry and the Malfoys to consider marriage to her rapist. I have major issues with this concept and generally avoid rape fics for that reason. Rape is not romantic and it’s not the basis for a solid marriage, no matter what certain romance or erotica stories might imply.

But this story isn’t a sweet romance. It’s about the hard issues that result from this act and how Hermione and Draco come to terms with what occurred and with what’s best for all involved in the future. To be fair, the rape in this story is motivated by drunken, out-of-control, love-driven lust; it’s not the so-called typical crime driven by hate and a desire to degrade and exert power over the victim. But it’s still a rape and therefore Hermione has some serious psychological issues to address. Draco, too, is suddenly forced to take a hard look at the selfish individual he’s grown to be and to ask himself if he’s capable of becoming a better man, even knowing that his efforts may not result in Hermione ever forgiving him.

In fact, you’ll find that the depictions of all the characters are handled in a similar way. Although the author isn’t a fan of Ron, she explores his character thoughtfully, gives justification for any of his behavior which deviates from canon, and allows him the chance to let his choices define him, just as with the protagonists in this story. And so while many Slytherin-centric stories tend to blindly declare that the Slytherins were misunderstood victims and that the Gryfffindors (whether Ron or the Marauders) were bullies, this isn’t one of those fics.

The question of abortion is also a significant plot point at the start of this story. Again, the author does a good job of taking an honest look at this issue with an eye towards the moral, psychological and sociological implications. Nearly every character displays a certain degree of double standards in their varied opinions on abortion, which makes the handling of this issue much more interesting here. And although this is normally a topic I avoid in fanfics, I found myself very intrigued by the stark manner in which the author addressed this.

So I am recommending this story because of the way the author takes such an honest look at some hard issues rather than overly-romanticizing them. At the same time, as one who is angst-phobic, I also am impressed with how the author keeps this from being a depressing, overly-intense tale. There is enough interesting plot making up the bulk of the story that I did not find the tale overwhelming at all.

As a side-note, scifichick774 is a self-described crack-fic author. Don’t believe her. Even the crackiest of her stories reveal keen insight into the human psyche. She has no problem with occasionally deviating from canon-characterizations, but the overall strength of her writing, her focused, character-driven plots, and -most importantly- her intriguing AU justifications for why the characters could behave a certain way under the right circumstances prevent stories such as this one from feeling like easily-dismissable crack-fic. Therefore, this thoughtful, intriguing story is not at all a deviation from scifichick774’s normal writing style, in spite of her self-deprecating remarks.


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