All That This Entails by Noell S.

Story: All That This Entails
Author: Noell S.
Story URL: Story Link
Word count: 134,900
Rating: All
Summary: The Bennets’ fortunes change when an entail of a different kind is instituted. The change in their connections will affect every aspect of their lives.

Gioia’s Rec:
A well-written version of the premise in which the Bennets are suddenly wealthy and titled. This sort of crack!fic entertains me, and I liked that even though there is a longer road till things are resolved, it’s a completely fluffy, angst-free journey.  I’ve read this story numerous times and thoroughly enjoyed it on each occasion.  I particularly love that the plot is far more extensive and better developed than the summary hints at.  There is a lot that occurs in this story, largely because the author takes the premise and goes beyond simply following it through to its natural conclusion.  We also see the logical side-effects of the Bennets sudden wealth and increase in circumstance carefully addressed in such a way that the story continues to be fascinating long after the shock of their inheritance has worn off.

My only critique: This is one of several fics in this sub-genre of P&P fanfic, so I’ll address my critique of these types of fics here rather than in each individual fic review. As any casual reader of P&P could discern, the idea of the Bennets actually having riches, titles, or significant connections could be said to defeat P&P’s entire purpose.  Canon purists will, I think, have the most trouble with this.  So, although I get a kick out of this genre, many of you will not enjoy such a radical divergence from canon and may feel that making Darcy and Elizabeth of equal social standing diminishes the point of P&P.  However in the case of this story, I would urge you not to be too hasty in forming your opinion, as the plot is much more complicated than the premise might imply, and we still get to see a lot of character development.  In addition, having the inheritance take place post-Hunsford means that Darcy still has his set-down and they both learn their lessons without Elizabeth having cause to doubt the genuineness of Darcy’s affection and reform.


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