Hunsford Awakenings by Rachel P

Story: Hunsford Awakenings
Author: Rachel P
Story URL: Story Link
Word count: 146,800
Rating: Adult
Summary: To help her get over Bingley, Lizzy takes Jane with her to visit Charlotte. Here Jane meets Col. Fitzwilliam who falls head over heels for her.

Gioia’s Rec:
The story plays out nicely as a sweet romance between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and Col. Fitzwilliam and Jane.  However, what keeps drawing me back into this story is the romance between Jane and the Colonel.  This was the first story I read with that premise, and there really aren’t many out there that attempt this ship.  Rachel P makes this ship work with a logic that I found indisputable. And while I really do like Mr. Bingley, I agree with the points that Jane brings up in this story.  In fact, Jane’s eventual discussion with Mr. Bingley is one of my favorite moments within this fic.  In the end, I’m left with the confidence that Jane, Col. Fitzwilliam, and Mr. Bingley will all three become better people as a result of where Rachel P takes them.  I love an author who can do that with unconventional pairings.   In my opinion, it takes a lot of skill to create a logical argument for a non-canon pairing using canon facts as the basis for the author’s reasoning.

My only critique:  I know that some of you really prefer a slow build-up in a relationship, so be aware that this is not one of those stories as pertains to Elizabeth & Darcy’s relationship.  Elizabeth seems to fall in love rather fast once the blinders are removed from her eyes.  Of course, who could blame her! 😉  For some of us, love comes softly.  For others, love comes like a lighting bolt.  It really isn’t a surprise to me that Elizabeth fits in the latter category.


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2 Responses to Hunsford Awakenings by Rachel P

  1. Trez says:

    I love this story. Rachel did such a wonderful job with it.
    I love whom she ends up paring Jane with and the story is so intriguing all the way through.

    • Gioia says:

      I definitely agree, and I’m so glad you enjoy it, too! I actually have this fic opened in my browser right now, as I’ve been re-reading some of my favorite scenes this weekend. This is one of those stories which draws me back again and again.

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