In Loving Memory by Heather F (Quill)

Story: In Loving Memory
Author: Heather F (Quill)
Story URL: Story Link 1
Alternate URL: Story Link 2
Word count: 261,400
Summary: During her walk in the park with Colonel Fitzwilliam, Elizabeth Bennet hears of Mr. Darcy’s efforts to separate her sister from Mr. Bingley. Naturally, she is furious at his interference, and her agitation causes a headache. Instead of staying at the parsonage, she decides to go for another walk to think about the consequences of his actions, and her sister’s resulting misery. When she does not return to the parsonage, Mrs Collins becomes concerned …

Gioia’s Rec:
This is a well-written amnesia fic. After a head injury, Elizabeth forgets that Mr. Darcy proposed. The story covers the post-Hunsford time period and explores how forgetting that offensive proposal would’ve impacted the progression of their relationship. There is also an OC (original character) introduced as a long-lost relative, bringing the Bennets into contact with several other OCs.
My only critique: It’s a bit hard to come up with anything to critique in Heather F’s stories!  Perhaps this story would have worked better as two separate what-if tales rather than combining the plots, as the story feels a bit long as a result (261,400 words).  However, that should not be taken as a desire for the author to have actually cut anything out!  I loved every moment in this story.


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