Pride and Education by Kate P.

Story: Pride and Education
Author: Kate P.
Story URL: Story Link
Word count: 47,100
Summary: After the death of Mrs Bennet not long after Lydia’s birth, Mr Bennet hired a governess for his daughters and left her a free hand in raising them. With the arrival of a wealthy gentleman from London causing a splash in the social circle of Meryton, the Bennet girls face interesting times.

Gioia’s Rec:
I thoroughly enjoyed this fluffy fic. There’s an adventure, a bit of a mysterious back story, and a slowly progressing romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Dracy as well as several other character. The changes that are made are believable because the author doesn’t rush her way through the plot development or character development. There is also so much sly, gentle wit that is present not simply within the dialogue, but within the narrative – not unlike the way Jane Austen peppered her stories with both quips from the characters and funny asides from the narrator.  The story also contains one of my favorite AU components: a better behaved Lydia.  I very much enjoy stories in which we get to see Jane Austen’s protagonist live up to their potential, while still maintaining the essence of their characterizations.  Kate P.’s Lydia is still very Lydia-ish, but we get to see all the good in her, all those things at the heart of her personality which allowed Elizabeth to still love her and fear for her when Lydia ran off with Wickham.

Please note that the two violence tags on this rec primarily refer to actions which are referenced (Not shown) as taking place off-screen to unknown characters who are children.

My only critique:
I’m struggling to name something here… I suppose there was one aspect of the back story which might be a bit of a stretch, given what we know of the character’s personality. But even then, I could believe it given the motivation stated. So it wasn’t too big of a deal.


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