Princess Diaries, Volume X: Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Story: Princess Diaries, Volume X: Forever Princess
Author: Meg Cabot
Story URL: Amazon Link
Page count: 416 pages
Reading level: Young Adult
Summary: It’s Mia’s senior year, and things seem great. She aced her senior project, got accepted to her dream college(s), and has her eighteenth birthday gala coming up . . . not to mention prom, graduation, and Genovia’s first-ever elections. What’s not to love about her life? Well . . . everyone adores her dreamy boyfriend, J.P., but Mia is not sure he’s the one. Her first love, Michael, is back from Japan . . . and back in her life. That senior project? It’s a romance novel she secretly wrote, and no one wants to publish it. And her father is losing in the Genovian polls—to Mia’s loathsome cousin RenÉ!

With not just Genovia’s but her own future hanging in the balance, Mia’s got some choices to make. And what she decides might determine not just the next four years but…forever!

Gioia’s Rec:
This was better than I expected as a wrap-up to the series. The relationship with Lily was resolved fairly well. I still think Mia should’ve dumped her as a friend several books back, though. I really grew to loathe Lily during this series. She’s not at all as nice as the one in the movies, which is really saying something, since I think Lily in the movies can be a complete bitch.

One very important thing to keep in mind about all the books in this series, but particularly this one, is that these books are NOT kid appropriate. I’d hesitate to even have a high schooler read them without the parent first being aware of how much Mia angsts over sexual issues and desires.  That isn’t to say that teenagers aren’t already angsting over those issues. I’m not that old.  But parents shouldn’t be expecting the books to be anything like the Disney movies.


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