Moonlighting by Aleksandra (Ola)

Story: Moonlighting
Author: Ola Wegner
Amazon URL: Kindle Edition
Amazon URL: Printed Book Edition appears to have the book available to borrow, but I’m unsure.
Word count: 392 pages
ISBN-10: 1448664632
ISBN-13: 978-1448664634
Summary: Pride and Prejudice variation. Forced to flee France, in the 12th century, to preserve their community, the werewolves moved to less populated England. Fitzwilliam Darcy lived at Pemberley in the far northern parts of England. He inherited his leadership of the Pemberley pack from his late father. His human mother had passed long before her mate. In an effort to dilute the bloodlines to better control the ‘change’ the males sought human wives. Darcy’s love of Elizabeth Bennet was complete and for life. Bound by the law of the pack to withhold his true identity until his wife was with child, Darcy married Elizabeth Bennet at the same time as his best friend Charles Bingley married her sister, Jane. Now in the far reaches of Pemberley, will Lizzy learn her husband’s secret? Will she escape this unnatural community or, will their love prevail against overwhelming odds? What will her life be as the Alpha Female of the werewolves of Pemberley?

Gioia’s Rec:
Let me be honest and say that this is crack!fic. But it’s GOOD crack!fic!  Although it is rather angsty at times, the story features some interesting moral dilemmas for the characters.  This is particularly true for Mr. Darcy, who is very deceptive in his dealings with Elizabeth in order to protect his secret.  Elizabeth’s concerns weren’t wholly answered, but the story has a happy ending ultimately.  The plot as a whole is very intriguing, and I just love the culture and community from which Darcy originates.  The shades of grey in Darcy’s character are the most fascinating aspect of the story, though.  I would kill to see a sequel, even a short ficlet, depicting their family life down the road.  In particular, I’d love to see how Elizabeth raises their children and whether they share those same ambiguous behaviors and beliefs of their father or not.

My only critique: Darcy is a werewolf. Yes, seriously. I’m not sure this counts as a criticism, though, when we’re talking about a fantasy fic. So I’ll put it this way: If you thought the premise of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was funny and a valid spoof, you’ll enjoy this. If you were horrified by the idea of desecrating Jane Austen’s book with a fantasy element, you will certainly not enjoy this fic.  As for critique of the actual story content, all I can think to mention is that the change in Elizabeth’s attitude between Chapters 22 and 23 seemed rather rapid, and I wish we had seen more of that progression.  I didn’t fully understand how she got from Point A to Point B as far as her emotional development goes.


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2 Responses to Moonlighting by Aleksandra (Ola)

  1. Velkan says:

    I really like the summary, but not matter wath I do, I can´t find it. ¿Did you know about any other page where I can read it?

    • Gioia says:

      I’m so glad you alerted me! I checked, and it turns out the author took the story down from the public boards when she published the book on Amazon. I’m updating the links up above now. It’s available for free with Kindle Unlimited, or for purchase as an ebook for $3.80, or in print for $15. You can also download a free section to preview. Good luck!

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