White Lies and Other Half Truths by Barbara A (Barbara Tiller Cole)

Story: White Lies and Other Half Truths
Author: Barbara A
Fanfiction (Draft; Unpublished) Version: Fanfiction LinkFanfiction Link 2 (Register at this site to access the password HERE to the MRR [Meryton Reading Room])
Published Version: Amazon LinkCreateSpace
Word count: 87,000
Summary: A light, fun look at the consequences of a little white lie. There are also many white lies and half-truths told by the rest of the characters in the story and you will learn about what happens as a result of each. It is low angst, high on humour and yes, HMS!! It is a classic Darcy and Elizabeth pairing, but it is not a typical canon story!!!

Gioia’s Rec:
This is one of the smuttiest P&P fics I’ve encountered, though it is nothing compared to the graphic descriptions you’ll find in other fandoms.  However, the Jane Austen fandom has rather mixed reactions to fanfics containing graphic love scenes – or to any sex scenes at all – thus this story’s sex scenes stand out more than they probably would if written for a story within a different fandom.  Depending on your inclination, be prepared to giggle, blush, or swoon quite a bit as you read. The premise of the story – that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth come to an understanding following the Netherfield ball – has little to do with the title and even less to do with the story in the end. Mostly, the story is a backdrop for lots and lots of well-written smut as a very romantic relationship is developed.  My personal favorite moment in this story: Mr. Bennet’s humorous confrontation with Lady Catherine.

This is a published P&P story.

My only critique: There is notable OOC behavior and some changes to the story’s background when compared to the canon tale, most specifically in creating a relationship between the Darcy & Bennet families of which Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth were unaware.  Canon purists may not enjoy that.  Personally, I enjoy alternate looks at the characters, and I like stories in which there is a previous connection between the Bennet and Darcy families.  Thus, I think it’s important to note that the alterations in the protagonists’ characterizations were deliberately written with a specific, nicely fulfilled purpose of telling a slightly different story.  This is most definitely not a case of the author lacking the ability to write Darcy and Elizabeth precisely as they appeared in canon.

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2 Responses to White Lies and Other Half Truths by Barbara A (Barbara Tiller Cole)

  1. Deb Okereke says:

    I notice that the Fanfiction link takes us to 50 Miles of Good Road. However the story also appears at AHA, http://meryton.com/aha/index.php?showtopic=1329

    Thanks Gioia, I am a huge fan of your P & P recs. 🙂 Appreciate your hard work very much.

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