Lucky Me by St Margarets

Story:  Lucky Me
Author:  St Margarets
Story UrlStory Link 1
Alternate Url: Story Link 2
Content Rating: Parental Guidance
Status:  Completed
Length: 5,090 words
Story Summary:   Harry and Ginny miss the Hogwarts Express. (this completes the “Wallpaper” trilogy. Read “Wallpaper Moments” and “Dragons, Diaries, and Diagon Alley” first)

Gioia’s Rec:
I wouldn’t normally rec several stories from within a series, as I would assume that simply directing readers to one of the initial stories in the series would be sufficient. But although a part of the “Wallpaper Moments” series, this fic works well as a stand-alone and it deserves a rec on its own merits.

Set post OotP, I particularly enjoy it because it lacks the emo!Harry present in so many other fics set in that time period. The emotions shown here are honest and raw, but there is more of a focus on healing and moving on than wallowing in self-pitying misery. Ginny is particularly well-written in this fic, as the specific strengths which make her a good match for Harry are highlighted, along with the reasons he is good for her. He’s not simply the focus of her childhood hero-worship; they really do work well together here. When they miss the Hogwarts Express, they work together calmly and logically to come up with a solution. (Rational logic on the fly seems to be something of a weakness for an emotional Harry, based on previous canon escapades!)

One of my favorite parts of this short story, though, is the lecture they get from Phineas Nigellas. It’s a brilliant insertion of humor in what would otherwise be a tad over-sweet bit of fluff. I particularly appreciated the fact that St Margarets obviously has read up on Phineas’ time period, which made his cultural remarks all the more fun. Very nicely done.


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