Omens by Abigail K. (aka Tam Nonlinear)

Story: Omens
Author: Abigail K. (aka Tam Nonlinear)
Story URL: Story Link 1 (non-working link; works Here via the Internet Archive)
Alternate URL: Story Link 2 (non-working link)
DOWNLOAD URL: Story Link 3  – click “Pobierz” to download (working link; tested safe)
Word Count: 12,000
Rating: All
Summary: Fate gives both Darcy and Elizabeth plenty of warning that the Meryton Assembly will be a momentous day for them both.

Gioia’s Rec:
Had anyone told me about this story’s premise in advance, I would’ve laughingly dismissed it as silly, trite and pointless. I would have then subsequently missed out on an absolutely fantastic story.  Oh! How I LOVED this story!  I love seeing mystical or sci-fi elements included in Jane Austen fanfic, precisely because it is so unbelievable and unrealistic.  So when I see an author play with adding a mystical element to canon, I’m automatically interested.  The vast majority of the time, though, I’ve been very disappointed by the absurd results.   “Omens,” however is an exception: it is wonderful. The story has an intriguing build-up with an exciting climax in which our protagonists have an unconventional and normally implausible choice before them as they struggle to respond to the strange omens of the day.  The execution of this scene is flawless.  In fact, the fic as a whole is just brilliant. I think I’ll go re-read that ending again now.

My only critique: I would love to see what happened next. While this story does end at a perfect stopping point, there’s now another story that could potentially still be told, and I’m deeply curious about that.  Unfortunately, I can’t find any other stories online by this author aside from this one on firthness, so I assume that she has neither a sequel nor any other JA fics archived elsewhere.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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3 Responses to Omens by Abigail K. (aka Tam Nonlinear)

  1. Meggy says:

    Hi! Thanks for all of your recs! I’m going through them, one by one, and this is a broken link.
    Thanks again and take care!

    • Gioia says:

      Hi, Meggy! Thanks so much for your reply, and for your kind comments! I’m delighted to know you’re enjoying my recs!

      So sorry for the broken link here. I’ve been trying to reach this author for awhile to ask about this story, but I’ve had no luck so far. It may be that someone at one of the “Looking for a fic” threads at AHA or Darcy & Lizzy might know of a working link, but I haven’t had a chance to ask over there yet. I’ll update this rec as soon as I can find a working link, though. Thanks again!

    • Gioia says:

      Meggy, I’ve got a working link! Thanks to June over at, the story has been located here:,PL,0,0,Omens.doc. Click the button that says “Pobierz” to download it. I’ve tested the link and it safely downloaded the complete story in Microsoft Word. Enjoy!

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