Five Questions by zerilda

Story: Five Questions
Author: zerilda
Story URL: Story Link
Word count: 236,500
Rating: Mature
Summary: What if Darcy’s letter caused Elizabeth to question everything she thought she knew? If she was so completely wrong about Darcy, what else did she misconstrue in her life? Would he give her a chance to understand him?

Gioia’s Rec:
There are two elements in particular which make this story stand apart.  The first, of course, relates to the title of the fic.  The questions which Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth ask one another give them the opportunity to resoslve their differences in a way which was logical and worked very well.  I should mention along with that, I very much appreciated how the author did not rush the romance, making Elizabeth instantly fall in love with the man she loathed so recently.  There’s a natural progression to their romance which kept the story from feeling wholly implausible or rushed.  The second outstanding element was the adventurous, dramatic and creative way in which the Lydia/Wickham situation was addressed.  There is little I can say about that without spoiling the story, except that I was kept at the edge of my seat and thoroughly enjoyed the way the author handled this.

On a side note, Elizabeth’s continued hesitancy about marrying Darcy after she comes to grips with his Hunsford letter remind me of the reasons why the late Queen Mum, formerly Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, was initially hesitant to marry her husband, the future King George IV.  Having recently read up on Her Majesty’s life, it made Elizabeth Bennet’s thinking in this fic all the more logical and easy to understand.

In fact, as long as I’m drawing comparisons to the Windsors, I must also add that the relationship between Georgiana and Elizabeth reminded me of the stories told about the close friendship that developed between Princess Diana and Lady Sarah Ferguson prior to the latter’s marriage, resulting in the two princesses pulling some rather silly pranks at times.  I absolutely loved Elizabeth and Georgiana’s friendship in this story as it allowed both women the opportunity to benefit from each other, rather than simply setting Elizabeth up as a crutch for Georgiana.

Finally, a quick note regarding the tags for this post.  The violence referenced in the tags is very mild and very quickly over and should not be taken as anything that characterizes the fic as a whole.  I’m only mentioning it in case a reader might be particularly troubled by stumbling unawares onto that short scene.

My only critique:  I must admit I did find the ending a bit disappointing, as it felt a bit rushed and not all the plot threads seemed to be wrapped up.  And while the author’s technical skills as an author are impeccable, there were two minor inaccuracies which I caught (one historical, one geographical), as well as some minor fanon inclusions (such as Caroline Bingley wearing orange; but that’s just a legendary bit of fun in the fandom), but nothing that at all detracted from the story.  The fact that I can only point to minor quibbles as my critique, particularly in a fic of that length, should go a long way toward explaining why I was utterly engrossed from start to finish.


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