The Chaosverse by earlgreytea68

Story Title:  The Chaosverse
Author Name: earlgreytea68
Story Url: Story Link 1
Story Url: Story Link 2
Content Rating: All Ages – Teen – Adult
Status: Completed, epic-length series. Comprised of numerous, completed one-shots and novel-length stories, with one abandoned, but nonessential, ficlet (“Brem’s Eleventh Hour”) Here.
Length: Epic
Story Summary: And then there came a day when Rose said she was having a baby. Hijinks ensue from there.  Ten/Rose

Gioia’s Rec:
Each time I’ve encountered someone who has recently watched Doomsday and is as distraught as I was, this is the series I recommend to them by way of therapy.  I cannot speak highly enough of how much I adore it.  The first novel-length fic in this epic-length series, Chaos Theory in Vortex Orbits in Relative Dimensions in Time and Space, just might be the very best babyfic I’ve discovered in the Whoverse. The series goes AU mid-way through S2 with fantastic results. There’s angst, drama, romance and loads of laughter. As I clicked on each chapter, I never knew if I’d end it by bawling my eyes out or laughing hysterically.  There are numerous sequels (and some prequels) written in the Chaos-verse, some of which are novel-length.

Best of all, I think the author just may have written the best kids-in-fic that I’ve ever seen.  That is, it isn’t just that this is a good fic which includes kids – it’s that the kids themselves are written so very, very well and so very age appropriate given their heritage.  I was amazed by the brilliant interpretation of childlike behavior mixed with a Timelord’s genius.

EGT is also one of those rare authors who has mastered the art of saying a lot with few words.  So the fact that this series is so long is not an indication that she doesn’t know when to end a scene or how to self-edit.  Quite the contrary!  The series is long because there are so many, many stories to be told in the DW universe, and whether she is adapting episodes into her ‘verse or creating entirely new adventures, her stories never lag, never bore, and never cease to entertain.

There are several kid-friendly short stories within this series which my daughter adores.  And really, you haven’t begun to appreciate the 10th Doctor till you see him face off in a battle of wits with a schoolboy version of himself – and lose.  LOVE it!

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  1. EGT says:

    Awwww, this is so sweet of you! Thank you!

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