Given Good Principles by dr.grace (TuesdayMorning423, GraceCS)

Story: Given Good Principles
Author: dr.grace (TuesdayMorning423, GraceCS)
Story URL: Story Link 1 (Free Registration required)
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Alternate URL: Story Link 3 (No registration needed; but chapters are posted a few weeks later than the other two links)
Word count: Novel Length
Rating: All
Summary: “I was given good principles but left to follow them in pride and conceit” Darcy tells Elizabeth after his second proposal. What if there had been someone or someones there for him to help him follow his principles as they were meant to be followed?

Gioia’s Rec:
Although this story is now competed, I broke one of my personal “rules,” in rec’ing it before it was completed.  And as a glance at the story tags at right should reveal, I almost never recommend WIP stories.  However, this one was too unique, too good, and too frequently updated (weekly) for me to wait to rec until it was completed.

The story’s premise asks how events in canon would have differed had Mr. Darcy an advisor who would have helped him find a more solid moral compass than his family’s pride and heritage.  The impact on canon is profound, most particularly for Mr. Darcy himself, who is not exactly out-of-character compared to canon – he is still very much himself, but better.  He is at peace with himself and neither quite so stiff nor quite so tied up in fearful knots within.  As a result, he is better able to influence the world around him in subtle but, ultimately, important ways. In addition, the people who are drawn to him as a result of these changes, even minor characters, are better able to come to his assistance when he needs it, as is evident in his dealings with Wickham.

In another part of England we see that the same individual who has guided Mr. Darcy has, unknowingly, impacted the residents of Longbourn with his sage advice in equally subtle, tiny, and significant ways.  The way in which this takes place is absolutely believable, as it fits with what we already know from canon about who and what has most affected the growth and personalities of Jane and Elizabeth.

To say much more would spoil the story for you.  Just be assure that in no way is this story contrary to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice characters.  In fact, I’d venture that (assuming she was not horrified by the nature of fanfic 🙂 ) Miss. Austen would be delighted to see the good principles she believed in integrated into her characters’ lives.

My only critique:  I’ll wait to try and include any serious critique until the story is completed and I can evaluate it as a whole.  Until then, I can only whine because the story is still in progress, and I’m quite eager to see the ending!


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