The Book of Albus by deadwoodpecker

Story Title: The Book of Albus
Author Name: deadwoodpecker
Story Url: Story Link 1
Content Rating: Teen
Status: Completed
Length: Novel
Story Summary: This is the companion novel to Backward With Purpose. I’d read that one first. This story is complete; the sequel has begun.

Gioia’s Rec:
I rarely recommend a sequel when I’ve already rec’d the initial fic in a series.  However, this fic is so good that even though you will need to read “Backward With Purpose” in order to understand it, “The Book of Albus” deserves a rec on its own merits. The fic features an original character who unravels the one remaining mystery from the previous fic: Who was “Merlin”?  A detailed review of this fic would, unfortunately, be laced with spoilers.  So I can only say that the answer to that question becomes far more complex than one would initially imagine.  The characterizations are rich and the plot is intriguing and only a bit confusing at points (though that is quickly cleared up), due to the many variations that Time and Fate throw at the reader.  The protagonist’s motives are more complex than even he realizes and the idea that love conquers all becomes more of a challenge than a trite assumption.  Due to the time-travel aspects of this fic, it is both a sequel AND a prequel to Backward with Purpose. However the ending still manages to utterly surprise the reader.  Overall, a terrific story deserving of far more praise than I can lavish here without ruining the story for you.   There is a sequel in progress (though I suspect it’s abandoned), The Refuge of Hope, which is not essential in order for this story to be fully appreciated.


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