1932 by KarenMC

Story Title: 1932
Author Name: KarenMC
Story Url: Story Link 1
Alternate URL: Story Link 2
Content Rating: Adult
Status: Completed
Length: 70,600
Story Summary:  No story description available, but the JAFF Index categorized this story as follows:
* Takes place in the 1930s
* Darcy as a virgin until marriage

Gioia’s Rec:
Those categories listed above don’t really define this story, as it’s far more intriguing than you’d imagine from so few hints.  I was delighted by what a great job this author did of translating the spirit and feel of P&P into this Depression-era story.   I’ve seen a few adaptations in which authors were so intent on trying to force the Regency-era canon into another setting, that the plot felt choppy or forced.  That definitely wasn’t the case here.  The characters feel very true to canon, what changes were made still felt dead-on target in terms of achieving the characters’ purpose within the narrative, and the overall way in which the plot flows feels very natural.   The author also did such a wonderful job of writing the feel of a Depression-era farming community, that I’d swear she stole half her ideas from my Grandaddy’s stories about his youth!  So perhaps, in the end, this story really doesn’t need an elaborate blurb.  It’s Pride & Prejudice set very believably during the Great Depression, and it’s really, really good.  There.  Now we’ve got a story summary. 🙂

My Only Critique: This story is a tad more angsty than I generally am drawn to, but the moderate-average level of angst isn’t likely to be a problem to anyone who isn’t a complete wimp like myself. 😉 Even then, there’s nothing to be distressed about.

As I always do with modern adaptations, this fic is marked as containing out-of-character (OOC) behavior. That is not a critique, but simply a tag to indicate purposeful changes in the characterizations due to the modern setting. E.g., Elizabeth as an  independent, working woman, Mrs. Bennet as a former dancer, etc(Although I must admit it’s harder to find examples of non-canon compliant behavior in this surprisingly canon-ish adaptation!)


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