Scarborough Academy by Lillith Janvier

Story Title: Scarborough Academy
Author Name: Lillith Janvier
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating: Adult
Status: Completed
Length: Novel
Story Summary: Arithmancy has often been defined as the science that deals with the laws of magic. (Elements of Arithmancy, Reichenbach, H. c1947.) Equations, however, factor only what the Arithmancer knows to be true at the time. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances throw a kink in the works. Magic doesn’t behave as one expects and solutions can be found in a chance meeting 10 years later.

Gioia’s Rec:
I’ve mentioned in other recs that what I most like about threesome fics is not the sexual aspects, but the logistical and sociological side to the story. Judging by some of the garbage out there, apparently anybody can write threesome smut scenes. What I think takes a lot more thought and talent is writing about every other aspect of the relationship. And as any long-married couple can tell you, sex makes up only a small part of the relationship. So no matter how randy a threesome may be, all the other aspects seem far more interesting to me.

This Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger/Severus Snape story is, therefore, very interesting to me, particularly when you add in the brilliant new magics that the author introduces. The author displays a richly creative mind in this story. This is a world which is wholly compatible and yet completely different and far more extensive than that of the Harry Potter canon.  In fact, let me emphasize as strongly as I can that the reason I recommend others read this story has nothing to do with smut or with being a fan of any of the three characters, particularly the Slytherins, but with the fascinating environment and plot.

The characterizations of the men, in particular, are more fanon- and movie-based than book-based in my opinion. I honestly can’t imagine Hermione being involved with Lucius Malfoy, in particular, if he were strictly portrayed as the character J.K. Rowling imagines and depicts in her books.  However when he looks and purrs like Jason Isaacs, and we haven’t seen him do anything so awful, then it’s easier to accept this scenario.  Snape, too, is not as bitter and twisted inside as JKR describes him. (Remember, she equated Lucius Malfoy with the Nazis, described Snape as a “deeply horrible person,” even saying, “Who on earth would want Snape in love with them? That is a very horrible idea.”) However, as I’ve always had a fondness for AU interpretations and am rarely a canon purist, none of this bothered me.  Instead, I liked how these characterizations allowed the reader to see a whole wealth of possibilities and intriguing options which never would’ve worked in the book canon.  To my way of thinking, the whole point of fanfic is to ask one’s self “what if?”, and thus slight alterations to a character’s depiction is just a part of the fun.

There is a brief slash moment in the last chapter, but it’s mostly implied, with a primarily heterosexual relationship depicted “on-screen.”

Finally, a brief tip-of-the-hat to one of my favorite book series, Laurie R. King’s books about Sherlock Holmes & Mary Russell, was merely further proof that the author obviously has excellent taste. 🙂

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