Connections Redux by Harvey S.

Story: Connections Redux
Author: Harvey S.
Story URL: Story Link 1
Alternate URL: Story Link 2
Word count: 116,800
Rating: All
Summary: Mr. Bennet is shaken by the untimely deaths of his siblings, and later his first wife. His response to these tragedies, his much happier second marriage, and the family connections resulting from it, drastically alter the trajectories of his daughters’ lives.

Gioia’s Rec:
JA FF writer Sharni wrote an abandoned yet BRILLIANT novel-length story called “Connections.” With her permission, Harvey S. rewrote and completed the story. He made some significant changes, but left in some of my favorite elements, such as Elizabeth’s reference about having “plain, honest parents” who weren’t of the nobility (a quote from Gulliver’s Travels). The premise in this story is that the Bennets not only have better connections than supposed as a result of his second marriage, but also Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth and Mr. Gardner put their minds to such use as to build a huge fortune by jump-starting the Industrial Revolution by 50 years or so. The story could probably be considered crack!fic, honestly, but it’s great fun.  See my review of Sharni’s original “Connections,” for a comparison of the two fics and for additional details on the basic story premise.

My only critique: See my comments on “All That This Entails” about this sub genre, however this is probably the best fic I’ve encountered in this category.  I caught a sparse handful of typos, but that was barely noticeable, particularly given the length of the fic in relation to the small number of errors.  Also, I did think that Darcy and Elizabeth resolved their difficulties rather rapidly, but that could probably be explained by the fact that this Elizabeth is very used to juggling complex issues, making rapid assessments, and thus the corresponding judgments, very quickly. (This was even pointed out in a later conversation in which Darcy and his cousin admit that they can’t think on their feet as quickly as she.)

Finally, for a better understanding of the finances in Pride & Prejudice and this fanfic as compared to modern economics, Click Here.

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10 Responses to Connections Redux by Harvey S.

  1. martita says:

    Is this the one where lydia is almost convinced by Wickham, but then exposes him publicly in Meryton when he goes a bit too far?

    • Gioia says:

      Nope, this is definitely not that fic, as there is no Lydia in this story. 🙂

      • martita says:

        I should have remembered that. I’ve read this story twice, I think. Do you have any idea what story I’m talking about? I can’t remember if it’s one you’ve recced or not, because after I read most of those, I went on to other sites as well…

  2. Gioia says:

    I’ve been mulling this over all day, because it seems very familiar. But so far I’m drawing a blank. If I run across it, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’d suggest you try posting on the “Looking for a Story” thread over at A Happy Assembly. Let me know if you find it! 🙂

    • Martita says:

      Looking for a story was going to be my next step, and it’s where i’ve found many of the stories i’ve read. Thanks anyway

  3. martita says:

    It’s ‘Of All Indignities’. They are really good over there. I used your account when I asked, but I’ve got an account of my own for further inquries. Thanks for your help and your brilliant recs.

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  5. Jackie says:

    So, I ran across this recommendation today and I must say I liked it for the most part. Though, maybe it’s just me, but I found that in the retelling I liked Bingley a whole lot less. His lack of backbone, when it suits him, (because there were MANY times, in the original story and especially in this fic where he had no problem holding his own with Darcy), is extremely annoying. I also didn’t like how this Elizabeth seemed to think it was Darcy’s responsibility to chastise Caroline for her behavior. Did the original P&P Elizabeth think this? I don’t recall, but I may have to re-read to find out. If so, then she was obviously looking for reasons to dislike Darcy and ignoring all of Bingley’s failings.

    • Gioia says:

      As I was digging around for the last day or two, looking for a workable keyboard (stupid lack of water-repelling abilities on my laptop!), I’ve been mulling over your remarks, as you had some interesting observations.

      I don’t recall the difference in Bingley’s characterization between Sharni’s & Harvey’s version of this story, but I have definitely noticed how there is a stark difference in the way he is portrayed by different authors in the fandom. Many of the characterizations do irritate me when he comes across as spineless. Thus I’ve spent a lot of time reading through fics tagged, “Bingley with more of a spine” over at the JAFF Index. 😉 I remember liking “An Amiable Man” for that reason, as well as LissaMU’s “The Other Bingley.”

      I agree with you that it was not Mr. Darcy’s responsibility to chastise Caroline. I can also understand, though, why the fandom (and perhaps Elizabeth) wish that he would’ve. The problem was that Caroline always took his silence or brief remarks as indicators of his agreement with her catty remarks. The closest he came to telling her off was after Elizabeth and the Gardiners dined at Pemberley, when Caroline is maliciously recounting his own snobby “she, a wit?” remark from September to Georgiana and the rest, and he bluntly retracts his previous opinion. I don’t think the canon Elizabeth ever would’ve expected him to rebuke Caroline, though, as their society’s rules seem too structured to have allowed Mr. Darcy to comfortably say something to Caroline. In spite of Caroline’s insistence that they were quite the intimate friends, Darcy was neither a relation nor her intended, nor even a childhood friend. To have rebuked her would have been insulting to her, his hostess, and to her brother (by rightly implying he couldn’t control his sister). That one time Darcy does nearly rebuke her, he is in his own home and she is HIS guest, so he had a bit more freedom to speak up.

      I’ll confess, though, that I personally delight in those fanfics in which writers explore what might’ve happened if he shot her down more directly, and much sooner. The JAFF Index’s “Caroline set-downs” category contains many of those lovelies. After all those times when Caroline thinks she and Darcy are such kindred spirits, it’s delicious to imagine him finally telling her she’s a moron and acting like a malicious, jealous, flirt.

      If so, then she was obviously looking for reasons to dislike Darcy and ignoring all of Bingley’s failings.

      Ah, there’s a great point. I think that is absolutely the case. Lizzy WAS looking for reasons to dislike Darcy, while ignoring similar traits in Bingley. For example, in P&P Lizzy says of Bingley, “Is not general incivility the very essence of love?” Bingley’s poor behavior (not dancing with others or responding when addressed), which she was excusing and using as evidence of love, mirrored Darcy’s behavior, too. By her account, Bingley and Darcy simultaneously exhibited the same symptoms, yet she excused that incivility in Bingley and condemned it in Darcy.

      Thanks for your comments! Loved your thoughtful observations about the two fics and canon.

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