Distractions by Elsha

Story Title: Distractions
Author Name: Elsha
Story Url:: Story Link
Content Rating: Teen
Status: Completed
Length: Novella
Story Summary: Theodore Nott would like to forget a future he doesn’t want – and music has always provided a distraction. Anne Fairleigh just wants the chance to practice her flute in peace. But a chance friendship between pureblood Slytherin and Muggle-born Hufflepuff soon raises the very questions Theodore has been avoiding and Anne never thought to ask.

Gioia’s Rec:
This is the first story in a series, which includes several other short stories. I really liked this one, even though it is basically about two OCs (since we haven’t learned much of anything about Nott yet). It was a good story about Nott having to examine everything he’d always believed and taken for granted. It really did a good job of explaining what it would be like to be in Slytherin and yet not be blood-thirsty. The dilemma Theo faces in this story is similar in many ways to what Draco fans feel he is facing post-HBP. I.e., is loyalty to one’s family more important than loyalty to what is morally right?

Anne’s position was also fascinating. She’s a muggle-born who is incredibly naïve about what’s going on and what it means for her and her family. She gets to examine the happy little truths she’d always based her life upon, too. Really, really good.

The first story, Distractions, takes place during OotP and shows what is happening with Harry & co. from an outside perspective. The fics that take place during Harry & Nott’s 6th and 7th years nearly escaped being made AU by Book 6 as the author was very creative in avoiding many canon dependent plot devices. There’s a real timeless quality to the series.

Sequels (in order): Discussions (4 chapters); Discoveries (6 chapters); See You There (1 chapter); Distinctions (1 chapter); Disadvantages (1 chapter); Disavowals (24 chapters); Today is a Gift (1 chapter-MIA); Inevitability; Dispatches (3 chapters-Abandoned) Companion Pieces: Unity (1 chapter-Harry’s POV during Discoveries. Companion piece to “See you there.”); I Will (1 chapter); Being Slytherin (1 chapter)


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