Odd Ideas by Rorschach’s Blot

Story Title: Odd Ideas
Author Name: Rorschach’s Blot
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating: Teen-Mature
Status: Completed & WIP (An ongoing, frequently updated series of short stories, both single & multi-part)
Length:  Epic-length (currently approaching 500,000 words)
Story Summary:  Odd little one shots that may or may not be turned into their own stories.

Gioia’s Rec:
I am quite willing to admit that I get a kick out of crack!fics.  And in the Harry Potter fandom, the crackiest of all crack authors I know of is Rorschach’s Blot.  “Odd Ideas” is the title of a series of short stories; most are one-shots, but some are multi-part fics.  So while the story is listed here as WIP, the majority of what you see is completed.  Occasionally the author will take one of the short stories and expand it into a full fic, such as with the story “Reunion.” Or, he will allow someone else to finish the story idea, such as with Kinsfire’s fic Death of a Hero or Meteoricshipyards‘s fic Luna’s Hubby, all of which were based upon short stories that originally appeared in “Odd Ideas.”

The majority of the stories in “Odd Ideas” are deliberately WTF premises with typically hilarious results.  One of my favorites is the story, “Better Living through Chemistry,” in which a purposefully OOC Harry discovers an old chemistry book has the key to make his life less miserable with the Dursleys, and later at Hogwarts.  Rorschach’s Blot introduces his version of the story in Chapter 23, then Not2Real, one of his readers, writes a more fully expanded version of the idea (with brilliant results) in Chapter 39.

As with all deliberate crack!fic, the stories aren’t meant to be taken seriously.  They are absolutely absurd with no intent other than to bring amusement to the author and any readers who wish to come along for the ride.  If you don’t care for one story, skip to the next.  There are numerous, widely-varied story ideas contained therein, and the vast majority are written with the goal of poking affectionate fun at fandom clichés or British stereotypes.  An amusing example of the latter is in Chapter 71, when Harry arrives at Hogwarts after having been raised in Scotland.  The ficlet begins at the bottom of that chapter, past some drabbles by the author and his friends:

“Look at the boy in the dress,” Draco crowed.
Almost negligently, Harry’s hand formed a fist and propelled it into the boorish boy’s face.
“What is the meaning of this?” Snape demanded.
“Mocket Sassenach scunner,” Harry said defiantly. “glaikit.”
“It’s Highland Scott language,” Minerva explained with a sigh. Invented to confuse tourists and Englishmen, she neglected to add. “You only hear it in the really small villages. Come along Mr. Potter.”
“Spurtle skelp.”
“Stop that nonsense right now,” McGonagall said calmly after they’d turned the corner, “I am neither a tourist or English . . . not a Lowlander either.”
“Right then,” Harry agreed cheerfully.

I’ve left out the hysterical punchline to that scene, as you really must read it for yourself.

Please don’t approach “Odd Ideas” with the expectation of a story that is publication-ready, as you’ll be missing the point of these fics.  The author is clearly having fun with this fic series, and has invited us to enjoy the show.  But his whimsical, sanguine approach to writing fanfic means that these stories are often unedited (aka un-betaed), so expect to find typos scattered throughout the fics. And truthfully, if you’re overly bothered by occasional typos, you may not be the right personality type to appreciate the ludicrous story ideas and their very loose relation to canon to begin with.  Rorschach’s Blot’s fics are to literature what fart jokes are to refined humor.  You’ll either snicker at them or you won’t, and there’s no point in stressing out over them if you just don’t appreciate such intentionally outlandish, juvenile humor.

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