Oh God Not Again by Sarah1281

Story Title:  Oh God Not Again
Author Name: Sarah1281
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating: Teen
Status: Completed
Length:  170,437 words
Story Summary: So maybe everything didn’t work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he’d gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he’d have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn’t have had to go back and do everything AGAIN.

Gioia’s Rec:
As I’ve mentioned before, crack!fic amuses me greatly.  Crack!fic that is also imaginative, intriguing, extremely well-written, with logical plot lines, steady story pacing, and carefully managed character development wins my undying love.  This is one such rarity.

The author is very clear in defining this as a parody, so I came prepared to laugh and wasn’t anticipating any more logic than can be found in stories by Rorschach’s Blot. And while it’s probably accurate to categorize this fic with those by nonjon or Rorshach’s Blot, two authors I’ve also rec’ed here, Sarah1281 is possibly more proficient on the technical writing aspects, and is certainly more focused on serious storytelling, than either of the other two authors.  (You will not find constant sex jokes, harems, or other absurd plot devices in this story, though I readily admit to giggling over those silly aspects when parodied in some other stories.)  So my hopes of finding something to laugh over were certainly met in this story – I laughed loudly on numerous occasions – while my expectations were far exceeded in every other area.  I loved this story for its irreverence and wit, but it was the genuine storytelling that completely captured my imagination and left me wishing desperately for a sequel to this perfectly encapsulated tale.

One last note: When I was reading this story for the second or third time recently, I gave my husband a scare shortly after I had reached the scene in which (in canon) Harry frees Dobby toward the end of the Chamber of Secrets.  I won’t spoil you by disclosing how Sarah1281 handled those events in her story.  However, I will say that when I read Dobby’s remark to Lucius Malfoy, I laughed so hard, my husband came running into the room, saying, “What’s so funny? I though at first the cats were fighting because I heard this loud shrieking.”  And while that’s not the most flattering statement in regards to me, it should be indicative of how much fun this story is to read.  It’ll make you laugh till you shriek like a pair of fighting cats.

About Gioia

I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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2 Responses to Oh God Not Again by Sarah1281

  1. Alana says:

    Sounds good, I’ll check it out lmao 😛

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