Harry Potter and Fate’s Debt by Intromit

Story: Harry Potter and Fate’s Debt
Author: Intromit
Story URL: Story Link 1 at SIYE
Story URL: Story Link 2 at FF.Net
Word count at Sink Into Your Eyes:   224,842 (24 chapters)
Word count at Fanfiction.net:   197,896 (26 chapters + a Chapter 27 snippet)
: MIA; Last updated Oct. 2008
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Eleven year old Harry Potter is waiting to leave for Hogwarts. While he is waiting for the Dursleys to wake, he finds a letter addressed to him…from himself. It has a simple message: Get to know Ginny Weasley. Post OOTP. AU.

Gioia’s Rec:
I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve read this story.   I’ve been an avid fan of the fic since the author first began posting it on fanfiction.net in 2005, through the re-write he began over at SIYE in 2006.  Even now, when the story hasn’t been updated since 2008, I still check back on it periodically, just in case.

“Fate’s Debt” is certainly in my Top 10 for the Harry Potter fandom, and is probably in my Top 2 or 3. I absolutely love how the author took a rather cliché, silly fandom trope and turned it into a brilliantly developed story.  And although this story is not complete, if you are a fan of Harry Potter fic and don’t mind canon pairings, you’re a bad fan if you haven’t read this story. 😉  I love the blending of JKR’s world with the sensational, logical, creative mind of intromit.  I’m immensely impressed with the way that intromit manages to re-tell canon without simply rehashing everything, instead making it all fresh and exciting, skimming over all the unessential or identical-to-canon portions, in order to keep his audience completely riveted.  I’ve seen some of the elements from this story attempted by others, often in completed fics.  But I don’t know anyone who managed to create such a captivating, JKR-feeling, exciting interpretation of these ideas as intromit does in this story.

There is also a one-shot alternate ending to Chapter 17 (the end of Goblet of Fire) posted Here and Here.

If you’re starting this story for the first time, begin with the version at SIYE.  It’s an expanded, better-written version – which is hard to believe, as the first version was fantastic (though it did contain more typos than the expanded SIYE version.)  However, the SIYE version of the fic stops mid-way through OotP.  You can pick up the story over at fanfiction.net, beginning with Chapter 19 (the chapter numbers don’t correspond between sites), to read more of the story. The two versions don’t exactly mesh perfectly, as the re-write included moving some elements around and altering some facets.  But having just a bit more of the tale available at ff.net certainly beats the alternative!

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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4 Responses to Harry Potter and Fate’s Debt by Intromit

  1. Lizlovegood12 says:

    Hi! I’ve notice that you haven’t finish this story, I want to know if you will be doing that or not. Please if you won’t be doing it put a warning in your Siye post and Ff.net I’ve got very excited with it and then it’s not complete and you haven’t updated in over two years. 😦

    • Gioia says:

      Hi there! Thank you very much for your reply!

      I’m not the author, so I’m afraid you’ve left this review in the wrong place. 🙂 If you want to contact the author, click on the author’s name or on either of the Story URL links. Although I don’t know Intromit and certainly can’t speak for him, I hope you won’t mind a friendly, hug-filled warning that he gets pestered a lot about finishing this fic. I therefore suspect that even a very kindly worded response such as yours may not be received in the supportive spirit in which you intend it, because other people have been quite rude to him in the past. 😦 As he’s pointed out, each place that the story is posted, the story’s most recent update date is noted, so it’s pretty clear the story is unlikely to be finished, as I also mentioned in my above review.

      I absolutely sympathize with your frustration, though! I am saddened every time I read the story. It’s really hard to get so completely swept up in a brilliant, captivating story such as this one, only to come to a jolting stop and realize it’s never going to be finished. Unfortunately, that’s the cruddy risk of reading WIP stories, and it’s why I hardly ever do so anymore. I just get way too emotional when they aren’t finished, lol! I had a complete melt-down over an abandoned fic not too long ago. *g* So you have my utmost sympathy in this regard.

      If you are over 18, you might want to try deadwoodpecker’s story, “Backwards With Purpose,” next. It is completed, as is the long sequel, and it has a similar premise of Harry going back in time to change things. I have it rec’ed here on my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Gioia says:

      ETA: In digging around to see if anyone has heard from Intromit recently (I found no such indication), I saw that one of Intromit’s betas had a story posted which is connected to “Fate’s Debt.” I haven’t read it, so I know nothing about it except that it hasn’t been updated since Dec. 2010, and may be abandoned, too. However, if you would like to read some expanded scenes from Fate’s Debt, it might be worth checking out: Fate’s Debt & The Philosopher’s Stone by PhoenixAeternum .

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