The Yankee’s Loot by Yahtzee (Yahtzee63)

Story:  The Yankee’s Loot
Story URL: Story Link 1
Alternate URLStory Link 2
Word count: 11,001
Rating: All
Summary:  The Tenth Doctor has known many Companions over the years, and thinks he’s ready for almost anything. And then, God help him, he picks up Scarlett O’Hara.

Gioia’s Rec:
A Doctor Who/Gone With the Wind crossover fic. Land sakes, who would’ve imagined that?  More to the point, who would’ve imagined it being done well?  It should come as no surprise that if such a startling crossover could be done – and done well – that it is done by Yahtzee.  I’ve been a huge fan of this author’s works in the Harry Potter fandom, and I nearly swooned when I discovered she wrote Doctor Who fic, too.   (The most thorough list I’ve found of all the author’s fic is Here, should you wish to see how A.D.D.-awesome her mind is.)

The author’s warning regarding the post-war racism which Scarlett express in this fic should not be underestimated.  Scarlett is very much a product of her environment, and sticking her in an adventure with a time-traveling, 21-st century, almost-doctor Martha Jones is just begging for culture shock all around.  If you thought Shakespeare was capable of startling Martha, wait till you see the offensive tripe Scarlett spews without a thought!  It’s very interesting, though, to see these cultures collide, and to see how the Doctor reacts to that collision.  The Tenth Doctor waffled in canon between preaching about tolerance and reform to some cultures (E.g., the speech that Donna squashes in “Planet of the Ood”), and behaving as emotionally distanced as the most academically-minded anthropologist who is keen on observing and not interfering in some primitive culture.  So I was very interested in seeing how the Doctor would respond to Scarlett when she was at her most offensive.

The story goes far beyond that, though. I can’t quite decide if the sci-fi adventure is a backdrop for the cultural and racial issues, or vice versa.  But either way, it’s a surprisingly complex plot for only 11,000 words.  It’s extremely fascinating and exciting, too!  And the conclusion – oh, that lovely conclusion! – it just makes so much sense!  I remember laughing and sighing and thinking “Of course!” as I read that conclusion.  It’s perfect. It fits in so beautifully with what even I, who have not watched Gone with the Wind in decades, well remember about Scarlett’s personality and wishes.  And the delightful thing about it is that in the end, Scarlett has the chance to really grow as a person as she finds her purpose in life.

Even if you are only familiar with one of these fandoms, you need to read this story.  It’s the most amazing blend of history and sci-fi, as well as being a deeply-moving character study.  I love it.


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