Minion by Scifichick774

Story Title:  Minion
Author NameScifichick774
Story Url: Part 1Part 2
Alternate URL: Story Link
Content Rating:  NC-17
Status: Complete
Length:   18,190 words
Story Summary:   In death there is life…and obsession.

Gioia’s Rec:
There are other stories out there which have a similar opening premise as Minion (though none I’ve recommended here, to date): That is, if a Dementor is destroyed, what happens to the souls it had consumed?  When Scifichick is writing the story, the answer is that they return to their bodies and become obsessed with the woman who inadvertently saved them.

The idea is quite intriguing, though the other attempts I’ve seen at addressing this premise all ended up with Super!-protagonists (usually either Harry or Hermione).  That is not the case here.  Scifichick writes a flawed Hermione, which is why I like her characterization.  Throughout this story Hermione is frustrated (understandably) , impatient and makes a few rather foolish decisions.  She relies greatly upon her logical assessment of that which she knows.   But in her youth and corresponding inexperience, when she is making judgments or plans, Hermione sometimes forgets to include outside factors, things which she doesn’t know about, and which defy logic.  That failure to predict the unpredictable comes to call in the person of Barty Crouch, Jr., who just might be a teensy bit insane, and manages to walk right through the wards Hermione thought were unbeatable.

The first part of the story is rather psychological.  There’s some dubious consent that occurs, and part of the dilemma is that neither Hermione nor the reader knows quite what to think of it.  Don’t misunderstand me: Scifichick does not romanticize non-consensual sex.  What she does is play with your head a bit.  Is Hermione being protected from all the other crazies out there; or is she a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, excusing her former professor/crazy-Death-Eater-in-disguise, he who was the torturer of Neville’s parents and nearly the murderer of her best friend?  Is he redeemed or is she just kidding herself?  Is she being drugged, or is she really that turned on?  That aspect of the story is fascinating precisely because what seems like a rather trite crack!fic turns out to be deliberately morally-ambiguous and will force you to think.

In spite of all that fantastic writing in the first half, I found I loved the last half of the story even more.  Hermione’s mad as hell, and she’s just not going to take it anymore.  Oh, yeah; and she has a bunch of crazies who take everything she says – including every bit of hyperbole, every figure of speech – as the literal truth.  The wizarding world had better beware!  And you, the reader, had better be prepared for water-spewing hilarity as Hermione finally gets to do things her way.

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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