Technique by ApollinaV

Story Title:  Technique
Author NameApollinaV
Story Url: Story Link 1
Alternate URL: Story Link 2
Content Rating: Teen, for implied activities
Length:  1,092 words
Story Summary:  Crookshanks has something to say.

Gioia’s Rec:
Holy Cannoli – Crookshanks speaks. AND he out-snarks Snape! This is one of the funniest flipping things I’ve ever read. And I can’t say much more about it without ruining the story. Read it. You’ll never look at Crookshanks the same again.  I feel like I need to re-read Book 3 now, with this voice in mind.


About Gioia

I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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