Determination by Zuki

Story Title:  Determionation
Author Name: Zuki
Story Url: Story Link
(Register at this site to access the password HERE to the MRR [Meryton Reading Room]) Content Rating:  Teen
Length:  1,600 words
Story Summary: Elizabeth and Darcy find themselves alone in the Netherfield library on the last day of Jane’s convalescense. Darcy is very determined…

Gioia’s Rec:
The focus of this great story is the spine-tingling, brain-numbing sensations caused by Mr. Darcy’s behavior.  He begins the story as merely an observer, and yet the descriptions of his struggle and his emotions are so vividly painted, you can feel them right along with him.  It’s easy to understand how Elizabeth was unsettled by his constant staring if he was looking at her as intently in canon as he appears to be in this fic.  The build-up as Mr. Darcy attempts to summon his courage is deliciously tangible.  And as the fic progresses, I would have been surprised by that continued, escalating tangibility felt in Mr. Darcy’s emotions and Elizabeth’s response to them, but frankly the fic makes one’s brain stop working, just as much as Mr. Darcy’s brain seems to have abandoned him somewhere in the second paragraph.

I love the author’s gifted way of writing such shiver-inducing, electrifying reactions to the written word.  It’s quite amazing how she puts into practice the “show, not tell” rule of creative writing.  There aren’t any NC-17 scenes in this short story, yet the way she vividly describes both the emotional and physical reactions to this heated moment is far more affecting than a majority of the purposefully erotic scenes I’ve ever read.

My Only Critique: Sadly, this isn’t a scenario that is likely in canon, particularly at this stage of their acquaintance. For some readers, that may ruin the story. Personally, I had no such trouble, as Mr. Darcy’s POV was described in a way that felt so consistent with his canon characterization that it was quite easy to fall in love with this fic.


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  1. Yes, I liked that very much. :o)

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