Street of the Five Moons by Elizabeth Peters (Vicky Bliss Series, Book 2)

Story: Street of the Five Moons
Author: Elizabeth Peters
Story URL: Amazon Link
Page count: 352 pages
Rating: Young Adult
Summary: Art historian Vicky Bliss may be blond and beautiful, but looks can be deceiving. She also has the brain of an Einstein, the reckless courage of a test pilot—and no one’s more savvy about fine works of art. For example: the gold pendant her boss at Munich’s National Museum is currently dangling in front of her. It’s an exquisite replica of a Charlemagne talisman—and it was found, along with a note written in hieroglyphs, sewn into the suit pocket of an unidentified man lying dead in an alley.

There’s a murderous puzzle to unravel—and Vicky will start by hunting down the master craftsperson who created the magnificent piece, even if the search carries her to the ends of the Earth. Instead, it’s pointing her toward Rome, the most romantic city in the world. But it’s also pulling her into a treacherous game of intrigue where the stakes could not be higher: Vicky’s life!

Gioia’s Rec:
I read this in one day, simply flying through it. I loved the book even more than the last one, probably due to the addition of John. I found him to be a sort of Morelli like character to Vicky Bliss’ Stephanie Plum, if that makes any sense, given the definite differences between the two series. Regardless, he added this bit of tension and excitement to the book that was missing in the first one. I was very irritated that I hadn’t picked up any other books in the series from the library yet, since I hadn’t expected to finish that book quite so quickly. I’ve gotten the others, though, and they’re next on my list to read.


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