The Laugher of Dead Kings to Memphis by Elizabeth Peters (Vicky Bliss Series, Book 6)

Story: The Laughter of Dead Kings
Author: Elizabeth Peters
Story URL: Amazon Link
Page count: 336 pages
Rating: Young Adult
Summary: In Munich, where Vicky is an assistant curator at the city’s National Museum, she and her longtime love are shocked when their friend Feisal, the Inspector of Antiquities for all Upper Egypt, arrives unexpectedly and informs them that King Tut’s mummy has been stolen from its tomb in the Valley of the Kings and that John is the prime suspect. Vicky and company, including her inquisitive boss, set off on a whirlwind quest beginning in Europe and ending in the Egyptian desert to clear John’s name and recover the famous corpse. In compensation for a slower pace than in earlier books, Peters offers vivid descriptions of Egyptian landmarks, which will resonate with readers of the MWA Grand Master’s beloved Amelia Peabody historical series. (Sept.)

Gioia’s Rec:
I liked the story, but I wasn’t particularly thrilled with Peters suddenly fast-forwarding to modern era. I felt like a lot of the charm of the series was suddenly missing when the story now included email, gps, and cell phones. It felt like she took the easy way out, rather than considering the book a historic novel and letting us remain in the 70s. The series was started the year I was born, and I enjoyed reading about the world during that time period. To suddenly have the Berlin wall missing, when it initially prevented easy communication with Jan, was rather disconcerting, and that was just one minor detail. Overall, the book was definitely a win. I just wish she’d left things as they were. I was also looking for the continuity errors that my friend Allie mentioned, but I must admit I couldn’t find them outside of anything that was modernized. Great ending. I gather that was the last book in the series? I would like to know how on earth they are going to proceed from that point, but I suppose that was as good of a place to end it as any. Anything further beyond that would’ve been a different story.


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