Series 3 With Rose by newdrwhofan

Story Title:  Series 3 With Rose
Author Namenewdrwhofan
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating:  PG
Status: There are several completed short stories & novellas; however the series is still WIP. Last updated 07/2011 as of this post.
Length:   111,479 words to date
Series Summary:  AU, beginning with an alternate take on “Doomsday”, follow the Doctor and Rose through series three!

Gioia’s Rec:
This was a marvelous treat.  As stated elsewhere, I love AU fics that ask “what-if” this or that were different.  I’ve encountered single Doctor Who episodes which have been re-written to include my favorite companion, Rose Tyler.  But I’ve never seen someone tackle the entire Series 3 story arc, to say nothing of how well Newdrwhofan did it!

One thing that is difficult in such stories as these is the conflict between quoting too much canon dialogue verbatim, and thereby making the entire purpose of the fanfic irrelevant, or not quoting enough, and thereby changing more of the story than would make sense given the limitations of the “what-if” premise.  Newdrwhofan managed a perfect balance between the two.  Obviously with Rose in the picture, things are going to be different.  On the other hand, she’s going to make similar observations as appeared in canon, because certain remarks were the only natural response to a scene.  I like that the author seemed to be able to distinguish nicely when and where to make such changes.

Another aspect of this story that I love is that the author doesn’t hate Martha Jones.  Generally speaking, I’m rather indifferent to Martha, as I’m a Rose gal overall.  But I don’t dislike her, and I do dislike like stories in which, in order to build up one character, the author must therefore tear apart other characters who might otherwise have had a more starring role.  It’s one thing to look at a character from a different angle or ask “what-if” so-and-so were evil, or had an unknown, manipulative agenda.  That can be fun.  It’s another thing when an author doesn’t know how to make Rose be her own awesome self without making Martha into a a jealous shrew.  That is not done here.  Newdrwhofan manages to balance all the characters very nicely, and in a way that’s just fun to observe.  When Rose is secure in her place in the Doctor’s life, and Martha meets the Doctor when he’s apparently involved in an established relationship, why would there be friction? Martha isn’t going to behave like a home-wrecker, given the situation with her Dad, and Rose likes to make friends.  So, it seems only natural that Rose and Martha would have just as much fun together as Rose and Sarah Jane ultimately had in “School Reunion.”

Another fun thing about this series is watching the Doctor’s relationship with Rose develop.  I love the slow build, the uncertainties and nervousness, but the underlying faith and trust and utter love for one another, in which both are very secure.  They may not know where they are going to end up, but they are both obviously enjoying the path they have chosen together.  There’s no needless angst and whining here.  Instead, we see the warm friendship that was in canon, with a bit of subtext that builds to quite a bit more as the series progresses.

There are some Series 2-based fanfics which go with this series, however I haven’t read those yet.  I was attracted to the series by the author’s Blink-AU, realized it was part of a series, and then turned with great delight to the author’s alternate take on “Doomsday.”  I haven’t quit grinning since then.  Dive in: you’ll spend a lot of time grinning, too.

Note: I’m marking this as a WIP, as this review is of the entire series which is still in progress.  However there are numerous completed stories within this series, and you won’t be left hanging in the unlikely event that the author doesn’t finish her AU takes on episodes 10-13 of Series 3.

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