To Be With My Love, On Christmas Day by cookie2697

Story Title: To Be With My Love, On Christmas Day
Author Name:   cookie2697
Story Url: Story Link
Alternate URLStory Link
Content Rating:  All Ages
Status: Completed
Length:   4,311
Story Summary:   A reunion fic based on the idea of the Stowaway actually being the force initiating the reunion between the Doctor and Rose. After the events on the Titanic, the Doctor wants to have a proper Christmas and he doesn’t want to spend it alone.

Gioia’s Rec:
It’s a marvelous treat to stumble upon a story and love it.  It’s even more brilliant to realize it’s written by an author I already love for her Roswell and Harry Potter stories.  But it is a hundred bazillion times more awesome to realize the fic is by a friend, someone whose writing style and voice I am nuts about.

Cookie2697 was one of my most favoritest authors ever, long before I stalked her into submission, claimed her as a friend, and practically showed up on her doorstep (seriously).  So while I won’t claim to be completely impartial in regards to her stories, I will argue that I fangirled her long before I could claim her as a friend.  So that makes me completely unbiased. 😉  More to the point, there are not many authors who entire writing libraries I would recommend, because so often some of my favorite authors have interests which are different than my own, or they occasionally write angsty fics that leave me running for a year’s supply of prozak.  Cookie, though, is my fanfic kindred spirit.  You won’t find all of her fics rec’d here, but that is only because I try to avoid being repetitive and filling up my entire blog with one author’s work.  The truth is that you should take it as a given that if Cookie2697’s name is attached to a fanfic, then Gioia recs it whole heartedly and with great enthusiasm and fangirly squeeing.

This particular fic fits in nicely with my current run of Doomsday fix-its.  I remember when “The Stowaway” was released and I analyzed the lyrics to death. I remember theorizing with Cookie that – perhaps? Maybe! – the lyrics would turn out to be prophetic.  This fanfic takes that wish for a prophecy hidden within an episode’s theme song and makes it real long before “Journey’s End” attempted to do so.  “To Be With My Love, On Christmas Day” was written prior to Series 4; in fact, it was written before the author watched “Voyage of the Damned.”  So although it takes a completely different (and, truthfully, far less crackish) journey to reuniting the Doctor and Rose than Russell T Davies did, it is perhaps all the more joyful and filled with hope and excitement as a result.

Cookie has a way of writing fics that cuts through the crap and gets to the most logical approaches to solving fandom issues, particularly those which impede a romance, regardless of the fandom.  (You’ll notice from my recent recs that I love that approach to writing fanfic.)  Whether it’s Max and Liz or the Doctor and Rose, Cookie’s fics just make so much sense, and make me wish she was writing for television.  But that cool, logical approach to plotting fics is only one reason why I love her stories.  What really sells them is the tangible emotions, the utterly tactile nature of her descriptions, all making it so easy to feel everything right along with her characters.  She writes a weary Doctor so concisely and so vividly that it’s all the more easy to feel the way he lights up inside the moment he sees Rose.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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