Still Lost by unfolded73

Story Title:  Still Lost
Author Name:   unfolded73
Story Url: Story Link
Alternate URL: Story Link 2
Content Rating: Mature
Status: Completed
Length:  31,886
Story Summary:  This fic was born out of the idea that being so close to Rose in “Partners in Crime” left some vague impression on the Doctor’s brain. It then turned into a sprawling reunion!fic with dream sequences, trips to Cardiff, and Donna as the hero. Spoilers for 4×06, Torchwood 2×13

Gioia’s Rec:
Recently, I nearly pulled an all-nighter in order to re-read this marvelous story for the umpteenth time.  That should give you an idea as to how utterly engrossing it is.  This story is part of a long series – one of my absolute favorites – and each fic in that series deserves a full rec in its own right.  Realistically, I suspect that my time constraints mean that won’t ever happen.  But please know that is a reflection upon me and not upon the author’s notable skills.

Frankly, I’ve long been frustrated by my lack of completed recs for the Doctor Who fandom, and in particular for Unfolded73.  The author’s characterizations of the Doctor and Rose are among my favorite in the fandom, as she captures their voices so perfectly.  From their cheekiness to their brooding, their repressed passion to their expressed pain – they are each complicated characters and Unfolded73 won my fangirly adoration years ago for so neatly and concisely depicting my favorite characters in complete concurrence with canon.

As for this particular fic…  Actually, let me first say in regards to Season 4: I recognize that the conclusion to that season’s story arc, in which Rose was attempting to get back to the Doctor, was dictated entirely by Billie Piper’s limited availability.  In other words, had she been able and willing to continue with the show for longer, we would have gotten a completely different ending than that provided by “Journey’s End.”  So as it stands, I’ve always been happy with “Journey’s End,” because it seemed to me to be the best possible conclusion to the Doctor/Rose journey given the limitations on the actors’ availability.  I like knowing that the scenario that has been left in place allows for the possibility of cameos or even another Doctor Who movie or special some day, featuring Rose and 10.5. And I have to admit that I’m much happier with the thought of 10.5 and Rose living out the one adventure the Doctor could never have, day after day in Pete’s World, rather than having Rose traveling with the Eleventh Doctor once David Tennant left the show!

However, with that said, if the realities of the actors’ contracts had not been a factor, the story that Unfolded73 tells in “Still Lost” is far closer to the idea I had in mind for how Season 4’s story arc ought to have ended.  I love how much of the Season 4 canon is incorporated into this story, with it veering off from canon only in so much as is needed to give us a much happier ending.  I love Jack’s participation.  I love, love, love Donna’s leading role in this story.  And I’m nuts about the way the reunion is written.  This is Doctor Who, Season 4 the way we shipper nuts would have wanted it.

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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