A Question of Jurisdiction by AND

Story Title:   A Question of Jurisdiction
Author Name:   AND
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed
Length:    5,251
Story Summary:    “Why was it up to me to end the invasion of the Bane, Captain Torchwood?”

Gioia’s Rec:
Once upon a time, I worked with celebrities for a living.  The vast majority aren’t worth knowing; arrogant, demanding, self-absorbed, and utterly out of touch with reality.  Every once in awhile I would meet someone worth knowing; someone who was a genuinely kind and wonderful person.  But generally speaking, I would suggest that you never meet your idols – the experience is terribly disillusioning.  Thus, it takes a lot for me to be interested in a celebrity’s life, or even their death, if you’ll excuse my candor.  Elisabeth Sladen was one exception.  Though I never met her, nor had any connection to her or anyone who knew her, I bawled over her death, and I still cry, months later, at the thought of it.

All of that babbling is to explain why I went nuts when I discovered this fanfic.  I’ve only watched a handful of episodes from The Sarah Jane Adventures, and I usually am not drawn to Torchwood fanfic.  So perhaps it’s because I’m still quite emotional over the mere thought of Sarah Jane (much less Elisabeth Sladen), or perhaps it’s because I already know how talented of an author AND is, but this fic grabbed my attention when other Companion-centric fics have failed to do so, and I’m not at all sorry it did.

After the flirting we saw Captain Jack direct at Sarah Jane in “The Stolen Earth,” I did wonder why it was Jack had never encountered Sarah Jane.  And I’ve wondered before if she ever encountered Torchwood 1.  I’ve also wondered where she was during The Year That Never Was, when the Master ruled Earth.  This story addresses all of that, and much more.  It helps to have watched the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in order to understand this fic, but it isn’t necessary.  This fic is mostly focused on Jack’s POV as he first researches and then goes to meet one of the Doctor’s most beloved companions; one who was left behind, not unlike Jack.  It is perfectly understandable that Jack and Sarah would have a lot to talk about.  It’s also marvelous to me that Sarah gets appreciated for the beautiful woman she is, and has the fun of being the subject of Capt. Jack flirtations.

AND does a magnificent job of depicting characters so real and scenes so vivid that, once again, I find myself ending a rec by whinging over how marvelous it would have been had Russell T Davies ever managed to give us this scene.  Yes, yes – I know it wasn’t possible, as Davies very considerately did not want to tempt children into watching the Torchwood series, and Capt. Jack is probably far too *ahem* adult of a topic to ever introduce as a guest on the SJA series.  But still – I read this and I can’t help but imagine how fantastic a partnership between Capt. Jack & Sarah Jane would’ve been.   If only RTD had read AND’s fanfic while the possibility had still been there, I’m sure he would’ve been just as captivated and inspired as I was by this story. 😉

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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