Something About Stars by EarlGreyTea68

Story Title:   Something About Stars
Author Name:   EarlGreyTea68
Story Url: Story Link
Series Url: Story Link
Content Rating: Mature (for references to sex, though nothing is actually shown)
Status: Completed
Length:    47,700 words
Story Summary:      Four Time Lords and a Bad Wolf human, gallivanting through time and space. What could possibly go wrong?

Gioia’s Rec:
I’ve already recommended the entire Chaos-verse series.  And I’ve been rather torn about whether or not to write up a separate rec for this story, because if I rec every story in EarlGreyTea68’s Chaos-verse, as all of them certainly deserve to be, I’m going to have 90% of my Doctor Who recs be for her stories! 😉  But there’s something in particular about this story which makes it stand out among all of the other Doctor Who fanfics that have been written:  The story’s protagonists are the Doctor’s grown children.  It is for that reason that I’m coming back to rec “Something About Stars” apart from the rest of the massive series.

First, I strongly recommend you read at least the previous two novel-length fics in this series (Chaos Theory in Vortex Orbits in Relative Dimensions in Time and Space and Chaos Theory on Dimensionally Stable Objects on Earth College Campuses) before you attempt this story, otherwise you will be completely lost.  I hate stipulating prerequisite reading for a story I recommend, because I don’t want to set up too daunting of a reading list for you fic-seekers.  But those two are such fantastic stories, you won’t regret the need to read them first.

“Something About Stars” was an incredibly surprising story.  It wound up incorporating AU-versions of some of my favorite Doctor Who episodes in a very creative and brilliant way.  Good Golly, do I ever wish that this could’ve been our canon!  EGT came up with the most unbelievably creative setup.  And the truth is, if Russell T Davies had been able to give the Doctor a family with Rose, THIS is the story he would’ve wanted to tell.

But as I said before, what really makes “Something About Stars” stand out among all of the thousands of DW fanfics in existence is the fact that it is the Doctor’s grown children who take the lead roles.  There are plenty of baby!fics in the Who-verse.  There are even several good stories among those which feature the Doctor having adventures with his child.  What I’ve never yet seen is anything like this – a chance to see the end result of the Doctor’s parenting skills; a chance to see how very much like him the Doctor’s children are, and how their mix of human/Time Lord DNA gives them a creativity not unlike that which the DoctorDonna spouted about in “Journey’s End.”  Don’t get me wrong: the Doctor and Rose are very much front-and-center in this adventure.  But it is the brilliant, hilarious, OMG-so-perfect lead roles played by the Doctor’s children which make this story stand out.

I’ve said it before and I still stand by this statement: EarlGreyTea68 writes the best Time Lord children I’ve ever seen depicted.  There are many other authors who have written wonderful Time Tot fics; fics which I love and go back to read again and again.  But, truthfully, the idea of reading fics about some of those other fanfic-created Time Tots having adventures makes me want to yawn, because their usefulness and my interest in them is strictly limited to their interactions with the Doctor.  In contrast, EGT’s Time Lord offspring are fully fleshed-out characters who are as real to me as the Doctor.  By the time one reaches this story within the Chaos-verse chronology, the reader is just as invested in what happens to Brem, Athena and Fortuna as with the Doctor and Rose.  And the harsh truth is that most of us who have written fanfic truly struggle to create original characters who can stand on their own outside of the canon setting. EGT, however, excels at writing original characters (OCs) and plonking them down into the familiar setting of the DW-universe, with such a natural, organic feel to their incorporation, that one begins to question whether or not her OCs were on the show or not.

So should any of The [BBC] Powers That Be happen by this blog of mine, please note: out of all the Doctor Who fan-created stories which might be considered for publication, I vote for the Chaos-verse and this story, in particular, as a fantastic look at how the Doctor’s life might have gone had he and Rose started a family.  It’s brilliant.

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2 Responses to Something About Stars by EarlGreyTea68

  1. Awwwww, thank you for the rec! I admit this story is a special favorite of mine, because I really did love getting to re-tell End of Time in a way that *didn’t* end in disaster.

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