The Incompatible Series by JD11

Series Title:  Incompatible
Author Name:  JD11
Series url: Series Link 1
Content Rating:  Some of the series stories are All Ages; others are rated “Mature.”
Status: Completed
Length:  Novel-length series comprised of several novella-length and short stories
Story Summary:    What happens when alien hormones bring the Doctor and Rose together? The second series we didn’t see. A bit of PWP, missing scenes, Jackie rambling, post-doomsday angst, and a reunion fic.

Gioia’s Rec:
There are so many, varied reasons to recommend this series:

  • There is the beautiful romance between the Doctor and Rose (beginning in Language of Hands);
  • The imaginative, sci-fi-y physical and physiological differences between the Doctor and Rose which impact their intimate involvement in extremely creative ways;
  • The poignant one-shot featuring Jackie’s very in-character perspective (A Mother Knows);
  • The anxious, fearful build-up as we approach Doomsday and the Doctor senses a storm coming (The Valiant Child and A Storm’s Coming);
  • A very heart-breaking and yet beautiful pair of stories taking place during the Doctor and Rose’s separation (More Than A Memory and The Christmas Drabbles) as they each attempt to live a fantastic life without the other;
  • There is a very, very well-written, well-developed Time Tot with his own story to tell (Words of the Mind);
  • There is an absolutely gorgeous short story in which the Doctor uses the most creative use of metaphor and imagery I’ve ever seen to explain to his son the way time can be in flux and yet fixed all at once (The Teaching Planet);
  • And there is the fact that I haven’t even listed all of the stories in the series, lest this rec reach absurd length, although every single fic and ficlet in the “Incompatible” series is individually worthy of an enthusiastic recommendation!

But most of all, there is so much amazing insight into the Doctor and Rose, that even when reading about the adventures they never had in canon, it still feels like the reader is getting to know them better than ever.  Because these stories are so in-character that the perceptive POVs each feel utterly true.  It’s lovely.

About Gioia

I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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