What If? … An Alternative to Order Of The Phoenix by Chem Prof

Story Title:  What If? … An Alternative to Order Of The Phoenix
Author Name:  Chem Prof
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating:  Teen (There’s no sex, but there is a lot of obsession about breasts. Not surprising given Harry’s age and circumstances. 🙂  )
Status: Completed
Length:   52,553 words
Story Summary:   What if Harry had reacted more strongly to the Ministry’s threat to expel him and snap his wand? What if he had fled the country rather than submit to the trial?

Gioia’s Rec:
Chem Prof’s AU look at Order of the Phoenix is actually a sequel to his AU approach to Goblet of Fire, titled “What If? …Another Goblet of Fire Alternative.” However, I missed the 4th year fic when I first stumbled across “What If? … An Alternative to Order Of The Phoenix,” which means I have actually read and am now rec’ing the stories out of order.  I’ll be reading “Another Goblet of Fire Alternative” in the near future and have every reason to expect that I’ll love it.  But for those who aren’t interested in that AU story, let me assure you that it is possible to do as I did – read and enjoy “An Alternative to Order Of The Phoenix” without having this 5th year fic ruined for you, or too hopelessly confusing and AU for a new reader to jump in feet first.  About all one seems to need to know about the 4th year fic is that Harry and Hermione begin dating during the Triwizard Tournament.

The author describes this fic by simply saying that “‘What If? … An Alternative to Order of the Phoenix and Beyond’ continues where its predecessor left off, as Harry (along with Sirius and Hermione), spurred by the Ministry of Magic’s threat to expel him and snap his wand, leaves Britain for a more hospitable climate. This decision has far-reaching consequences.”  However, I’d say the story is more exciting than that description sounds.  Thinks move FAST in this story, but that rapidly changing situation and its resulting excitement are perfectly paced, with a focused plot that never lapses into bloviating or overly-long and ridiculous plot inclusions.  Much as I love the duo, I’ve seen several fics in which authors tend to turn Harry into Super!Harry when he has Hermione by his side to help encourage him to be thoughtful in his behavior.  This is not one such fic.  The author keeps his characters flawed, which in turn keeps them fun to watch, and thus provides us with a fic which is very entertaining to read.

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