Elizabeth/Darcy by Stacy

Story Title:  Elizabeth/Darcy
Author Name:  Stacy
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating:  All Ages
Status: Completed
Length:   59,600 words
Story Summary:   Before going to Kent, Darcy meets his uncle who has somehow befriended a tradesman’s family, and has changed his outlook on ‘society’, thus causing Darcy to rethink his own principles. Each chapter is told in the first person perspective of either Elizabeth or Darcy.

Gioia’s Rec:

This story was a real joy to discover. It unites technical expertise in the art of writing with a captivating narrative and an interesting backstory to justify the changes in the original storyline.  And in spite of the low-angst story’s resolution being brought about sooner than in canon, Stacy still managed to lead Elizabeth and Darcy through the lessons they needed in order to reach their full potential.  Elizabeth still has her “Till this moment, I never knew myself” revelation, just as Darcy is confronted with his own foolish pride and arrogance.  Yet in both cases, their epiphanies come with the help of family members, so that the lessons are delivered more gently, and with a quicker resolution, than when delivered in canon at each other’s hands in that famous scene in the Hunsford cottage.

The premise to this story is that the Gardiners become friends with Darcy’s aunt and uncle, the Earl and Countess, prior to Darcy’s November departure from Hertfordshire to London.  It is through their relatives that Elizabeth and Darcy are reunited in London not long after Christmas.  In fact, even before they meet again, Darcy has already begun to realize through his aunt and uncle’s example that he has been an officious snob of late.  His subsequent actions lay the groundwork for a friendship to develop between him and Elizabeth when they meet again.

The supporting characters in this story were delightful, without overwhelming the narrative. The focus remains on Elizabeth and Darcy, even while we get to know characters such as Anne de Bourgh and the young Gardiner children better than in canon.  I also love the warm friendship that grows between Georgiana and Elizabeth. There is also an OC (original character) introduced as a despicable villain, allowing Stacy’s story to take a unique, exciting and creative path while still bringing about the same character development.

Perhaps one of my favorite elements to this tale, though, is Elizabeth’s burgeoning talent as a writer of short stories.  I’m reminded of how Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon used their gifts as writers to express themselves during times of stress, loneliness, or even outrageous humor which is best not elaborated upon in public.  The idea of Elizabeth writing amusing tales of Lady Catherine’s outrage or Mrs. Bennet’s flutterings is just too perfect!

My Only Critique: It’s rather hard to come up with anything to critique about this story that isn’t completely trivial.  I only noticed two typos (you’ll easily find more in this post), so there is nothing in that regard which will dissuade new readers from falling in love with this story. However, I must admit I really don’t care for the title of “Elizabeth/Darcy,” which doesn’t really seem to be a title at all.  I can only guess that it must be a working title. I’ve amused myself this evening by thinking up more descriptive titles based on lines from the story, quotes from Shakespeare (whose plays are frequently referenced by Stacy’s characters), and poetic references to the role of a faithful friend, or helpful relatives, as it is the friendship between their uncles which brings Elizabeth and Darcy back into contact. For the sake of those reading this blog, I’ll spare you my guesses, as I’ve not half the gift of aptly chosen words as this story’s author.


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  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for this review! I was just wondering what titles (specifically)you would give it?

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