The Afterlife (f.k.a. Harry Potter Finds Joy) by Deadwoodpecker

Story Title:  The Afterlife (formerly known as Harry Potter Finds Joy)
Author Name: Deadwoodpecker
Category:  Harry Potter
Story Url: Story Link
Content Rating:  Teen
Status: Completed
Length:   19,530 words
Story Summary:   After death reunion. Deathly Hallows spoilers. Chapter 7 is up! Feel free to tell me where you want Harry to go in the next chapters!

Gioia’s Rec:
If you’ve ever read The Last Battle in the Chronicles of Narnia series, then this story will have special meaning to you.  In “Harry Potter Finds Joy,” Harry wakes up after dying peacefully in his old age.  He arrives at Kings Cross, much as he did so many years before when he was seventeen, and then all the fun begins.

The joyful reunions which await Harry are just one part of what brought tears to my eyes repeatedly throughout this story.  There is something so magnificent, so broad and grand, about the journey and destination which await Harry and those he loves.  The afterlife is so beautiful, you’ll find yourself longing for it.  I don’t know how anyone could ever be afraid of death with this in mind.

Part of what makes this story so fun for me is the fact that I have always loved hearing about Harry’s adventures from others’ perspectives.  As Harry is reunited with those who have gone before him, we get great little moments such as the one when Harry is finally explaining to his parents and others about his adventures during Deathly Hallows.  I loved hearing Molly and Arthur, Remus and Tonks, all relate to the Potters how scared and excited they felt the moment they heard Lee Jordan screaming on Potterwatch that Harry, Ron and Hermione had broken into Gringotts and escaped on the back of a dragon!

This story left me with my heart full and my eyes watery.  I’m going to be recommending it to many of my friends as the best possible epilogue to the series.  I dare you to try it and make it through without tears of joy.

This story was written immediately after the publication of Deathly Hallows in July 2007, so it does not include a lot of the details JKR revealed in subsequent interviews, such as who among the side characters married whom.  Neville, for example, is mentioned as being paired with someone other than Hannah Abbot.  This story rec is therefore tagged for both Conventional Couples (those from the book are all the same) and Unconventional Couples (as some of those from post-publication canon are different.)

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