The Lostverse by Unfolded73

Series Title:  The Lostverse
Individual Story Titles:  See Below
Author NameUnfolded73
Category:   Doctor Who and Torchwood
Series Url: Series Link 1
Alternate Url: Series Link 2
Content Rating:  Teen through Adult (And she’s not kidding about that “Adult” tag! 😉 )
Status: Completed
Length:   Epic (199,881 words total, if my math is right)
Story Summary:  The Lostverse originated with the story Still Lost, which was finished prior to the end of Series 4 and goes AU after 4×06, “The Doctor’s Daughter”. It explores a world in which the Doctor decides that being with Rose is worth it, even if he can’t spend the rest of his life with her. Some stories are more plotty, some are just PWP. Some are fluffy, and some are very angsty.

Gioia’s Rec:
The Lostverse is one of the most beautiful Doctor Who fic series in existence. A huge part of the reason behind that is that it is so realistic.

The series opens during Donna’s travels with the Doctor.  The summary to “Still Lost” reads, “This fic was born out of the idea that being so close to Rose in “Partners in Crime” left some vague impression on the Doctor’s brain. It then turned into a sprawling reunion!fic with dream sequences, trips to Cardiff, and Donna as the hero.”  One of my favorite aspects to series 4 was that Donna turned out to be such a devoted Doctor/Rose shipper.  She is so unabashedly enthusiastic about the Doctor’s love for Rose, and as we saw in canon, she encourages him never to give up hope.  In “Still Lost,” we see Donna not only acting as the driving force behind encouraging that hope, she is also willing to keep tying the pieces together when the Doctor doesn’t know what’s going on, or doesn’t know what to do next.  As a result, this is not remotely an angsty fic (though I will warn you that unfolded73 is definitely capable of writing beautiful, torturous, rip-your-heart-out angst).  It’s this marvelous wave of – yes, I’ll say it again – hope, excitement, anticipation and joy which build and build into this crescendo of OMG!Reunion!  And it’s all handled so deftly, written so true to the canon-characterizations, that it feels like this is how it could’ve happened. This is absolutely a potential way it all could’ve gone down.

That sense of realism continues on with the other fics in this epic-length series.  For example, I love the humor of a lot of stories written by other authors which feature the Master traveling with the Doctor plus Rose and/or Donna.  But the truth is that the Master, particularly as portrayed by John Simm, was a monster.  He did monstrous things in canon and he is therefore capable of monstrous things in this series.  So when unfolded73 gives us a nearly-novel-length story (No Rest from Sound) which features the Master, plan on it being extremely good and canon-like, largely because it isn’t simply farce. Much as I enjoy farcical stories, this series isn’t like that.  It’s like the difference between “Curse of the Fatal Death” and “Sound of the Drums.”  The interactions between the Master and other characters in “No Rest from Sound” are far more in keeping with the horrific evil we saw in “Sound of the Drums.”

There are several scenes and short stories within this series which are labeled as PWP, so be forewarned about the adult nature of the “Lostverse.”  However, I personally think that those scenes are mislabeled.  Unfolded73’s love scenes are so emotionally based, so utterly-love filled, that they really don’t qualify for the “porn without plot” or “plot, what plot?” interpretation of PWP in my opinion.  Also, be forewarned that there are eventually a few one-shot stories in this universe which are clearly labeled threesomes and therefore include some slash. Furthermore, in the opening story, “Still Lost,” the Doctor has a vision/dream sequence which, of course, involves him walking in on Jack in bed with Ianto. If, like me, that’s not your cup of tea, it’s really easy to skip the the slash scenes or one-shots, none of which need to be read to understand the series’ story arc.

I won’t spoil the rest of the series for you. Dive in.  It’s absolutely fantastic.  Unfolded73 is an extremely talented writer, both in terms of her technical abilities, as well as her gift in conveying a flood of emotion into a few, brief words.  Her realistic approach to Rose aging is just as beautiful and amazing as the rest of the series.  And when you’re done with this series, you’ve got an amazing treat still remaining:  As of this posting, she has 66 spectacular stories posted on her profile at Teaspoon.

List of Series Titles:

  1. Still Lost – Teen – Word Count: 31886
  2. Still Lost: Alternate version of Part 3 (ANNOTATED) – Teen – Word Count: 5187
  3. Losing Control – Adult – Word Count: 18264
  4. Fury – Adult – Word Count: 1028
  5. Limes – Teen – Word Count: 2704
  6. The Bride Who Stopped Running – Teen – Word Count: 19435
  7. Lowered Inhibitions – Adult – Word Count: 1777
  8. No Rest from Sound – Adult – Word Count: 34883
  9. Tell Me Your Fantasies – Adult – Word Count: 1179
  10. To Experience Everything – Adult – Word Count: 479
  11. The Do-Nothing Day – Adult – Word Count: 5001
  12. Paradise Lost – Adult – Word Count: 66118
  13. The Oasis – Teen – Word Count: 1407
  14. Never Mix Alcohol and Jack Harkness (A Paradise Lost deleted scene) – Teen – Word Count: 736
  15. A Little More Time – Teen – Word Count: 5501

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