A Constant Love by SophieTurner1805 (sturner1805)

Story Title:  A Constant Love
Author Name: SophieTurner1805 (sturner1805)
Category:  Pride & Prejudice
Story Url: Story Link
Alternate Url: Story Link 2
Content Rating:  All Ages (Perhaps PG13-ish for vague allusions to marital relations)
Status: Completed
Length:   156,800 words
Story Summary:   For Elizabeth, the joy of her marriage and honeymoon are quickly followed by the demands of becoming Mrs. Darcy, all while helping her shy new younger sister come out into society. Georgiana must deal with more suitors than she expected, when she fears nothing more than once again being persuaded to think she is in love with the wrong man.

Gioia’s Rec:
“A Constant Love” is among the most fascinating of stories which I’ve read this year.  I love historical novels in which I learn something new and feel as much a part of those real events as if I were diving in to the narrative personally, and this story certainly provided me with that type of experience.  I read this during one of my husband’s more serious hospitalizations, and it was so captivating I was able to block out quite a bit of anxiety in my own life, easily immersing myself in the rich, historically-accurate world of this well-researched story.

“A Constant Love” is a sequel to P&P, although this multifaceted tale is far more ambitious than merely that. The exciting, historical romance novel includes multiple exciting and relevant issues of the day, including the period of the Hundred Days War, between Napoleon’s escape from exile, through the Battle of Waterloo. If you are like me and most of what you know of that time period comes from vaguely remembered high school lessons and Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, you’ll find this story educational and entertaining. Sophie makes the events of that era come to life by remind us of how relevant that war would’ve been to our P&P cast, as well as giving us new characters to care about who are also affected by the war.  And if either historical novels or romance novels aren’t to your liking, I think you will still love this, because the story is a bit of all things to all readers.   Even better, the author manages to infuse all the sweetness and drama of a romance novel with the edge-of-your-seat excitement of a historical war novel, all without overwhelming the narrative with two many details or too much head-jumping (I hate when stories alternate narrators too frequently!). This is an extremely focused story.

Those original characters I mentioned are one of the best aspects of this story.  Sophie manages to flesh out their personalities so well, giving them such depth and interesting back story, that you’ll feel as if they were part of Miss Austen’s original tale. The author delighted me by managing to touch upon some of my own ancestry in a reference to the back story of one original character. But far more relevant to this recommendation is how invested readers will feel in the lives of those original characters – just as they will feel about those borrowed from Jane Austen’s imagination.

The author has multiple sequels planned, though this story certainly does not end on a cliffhanger.  I am eager to see what her bright, imaginative mind has in store for us.

My Only Critique: There were a few spots where I thought the story was moving a tad slow, but it picked up so quickly that now, in retrospect, I cannot even recall where those moments occurred. The author’s inclusions all seem to have worked out beautifully, so I cannot now say that anything ought to have been omitted. Furthermore, Sophie’s technical writing and editing skills are fantastic, leaving me without a single thing to nitpick.

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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  1. snowy_owl says:

    Oh, this was wonderful! I truly loved the development of all the characters…
    Wishing you a happy new year!

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