To Recollect The Future by Oliver.Snape

Story Title:  To Recollect The Future
Author Name:  Oliver.Snape
Category:   Harry Potter
Story Url: Story Link
Alternate Url: Story Link 2
Content Rating:  Mature or Teen – See Note Below
Status: Completed
Length:   74,014 words
Story Summary:   Hindsight is 20/20, but when Harry’s last steps into the forest set him back further than he’d ever thought, he never realised how grateful he’d be to have Snape there to help too. Mentor/guardian fic, time travel, but not cliched.

Gioia’s Rec:
As is probably obvious, one of my weaknesses is re-do, time-travel stories.

It’s the crackiest of crack plots, and yet there are a handful out there that are so well written, they feel like canon. Just the other night, my daughter and I were talking about how marvelous it is that Fred Weasley isn’t really dead, thanks to the Fox Ears series, which is our headcanon. But I digress.

This story was a big surprise for me. I thought I had long-since discovered all the great re-do stories in the HP fandom. What a treat to find this one! It’s a completely novel approach with a very surprise ending. And it’s good. Oh, it’s good.

After Harry walks to his death in the Forbidden Forest, after he meets Dumbledore at King’s Cross, he wakes up in the Forbidden Forest on Feb. 22, 1992, just after the Quidditch match that Snape had refereed. Snape is there, too, having arrived just after being killed by Nagini in the Shrieking Shack on May 2, 1998.

They’ve traveled back in time for unknown reasons. They’re too exhausted – emotionally and physically – to do anything but work together to figure out what’s happened. And in that resigned, weary frame of mind, all they can do is start over again on the Horcrux hunt.

The focus of the story is what happens during that hunt, how they pass themselves off as the Snape and Harry of 1992, and how they interact with each other under these difficult circumstances. With Harry’s knowledge, intuition and experience, Snape’s skills, power and intelligence, and their shared desire to just end this stupid war before it ever starts, the journey is intense and effective. I love seeing how they get along together and how they don’t. I love seeing how some things go as expected, and some things really don’t.  Mostly, I just loved how different this story was than anything I’d ever read before.  The ending, in particular, was like nothing I’ve ever seen, resulting in a story which both is and isn’t epilogue consistent. Brilliant.

Please note: The author lists this story with a “Mature” rating, but I don’t know why.  I can’t recall any adult content. Personally, and as a very conservative parent, I wouldn’t label it above a Teen rating at most.  I’m labeling it as the author did, on the assumption that the author is more likely to be correct than I am in this regard.  I’m also tagging it for teens, as many of you search by rating.

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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