Wizards IN SPACE (series) by esama

Series Title: Wizards IN SPACE

Author Name

Category:  Harry Potter

Content Rating:  Teen (for mild language)
Status: Primary story (D.S.S. Requirement) is Complete; The alternate POV sequel (D.S.S. Enterprise) is MIA.
Length:  49,581 words
Story Summary: Dumbledore’s Army use the Room of the Requirement to get themselves a spaceship.

Gioia’s Rec:
In 2016 I noted on my AO3 bookmark that if I could only recommend one fic per year, this would be my choice for that year.  I think it would make my Top 10 List for every year, frankly.

This series makes me so happy.  I recommend both stories in the series, D.S.S. Requirement (which is complete) and D.S.S. Enterprise (which is probably abandoned, but is fine as-is).  It’s likely the most creative merger of the Harry Potter fandom — or the fantasy genre in general — with science or SciFi that I’ve ever seen.  Furthermore, I love stories which invent new magics, and this one wins the grand prize in that regard, for certain.  I’ve reread this series more times than I can count. It delights my soul, captivates my imagination, and thrills my heart.

You need no knowledge of any fandom except for general awareness of the plot of the Harry Potter series as of Order of the Phoenex. I see that the author has Stargate tagged as a contributing fandom, but I’ve never watched any episodes of that show and I never saw anything (characters, objects, or plots) in this series which referenced what few overall facts I know about Stargate.

Let me also add that every story I’ve read by esama, in every fandom in which they write, is brilliant. Esama is one of those rare authors who displays keen insight into the human condition and a curious mind about everything. Those traits provide the foundation for esama’s fertile imagination and prolific writing skills. I’ve never been disappointed by any of esama’s 200+ stories.

(This story rec is part of my AO3 Bookmarks series. I.e., this is an abbreviated rec because it is taken from my AO3 bookmarks rather than having been properly written in full.)

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I'm a wife and mother and, when not tied up with responsibilities, I read non-stop. I love to share my favorite stories with others, thus the existence of my blog.
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1 Response to Wizards IN SPACE (series) by esama

  1. Thrawn says:

    Aww, those two were fun, but much too short :).

    The author note for chapter 5 of Enterprise suggested to me that it was completed, not abandoned. It’s left way open, of course, but there are plenty of stories like that.

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