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This blog is a personal listing of the novels and fanfiction which Gioia recs (recommends), with the fanfic predominantly based in the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice and Roswell fandoms.  This is primarily a list of recommendations, not reviews.

Please do not take offense at the omission of any fanfics or novels you know to be exceptional, as this is an ongoing, non-inclusive list based on my personal preferences.  The exclusion of a particular story likely means that I either haven’t read it, I forgot to make note of my observations at the time that I read it, it is still a work-in-progress, or it wasn’t “fluffy” enough to suit my angst-phobic preferences.

I am slowly transferring over the hundreds of recs which I’ve logged over the years. My Pride & Prejudice recs are nearly all over here now under the P&P tag.   However, it will likely take me months to transfer the rest of my multi-fandom recommendations. Until then, the bulk of my Doctor Who recs can be found HERE and HERE, and the majority of my Harry Potter recs can be found HERE and HERE.  I do not have my Roswell favorites documented, but a few of my favorites from the Polar (Michael/Liz) site are HERE. (See the “FYI” and “Links” options in the above menu bar for more Roswell resources.)

Finally, big thanks go to two sites:
1) Know-It-Alls, the Harry Potter fanfiction rec site from which I have swiped nearly all of my ideas for the structure of this site.  In my admittedly biased opinion as a staff member, KIA‘s far more extensive listing should be your first stop for Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations of any ship or genre.
2) The Jane Austen Fanfiction (JAFF) Index, a wonderful archive which lists nearly every fanfic in the Jane Austen fandom.  From this site I have borrowed many of the tags I use for my P&P recs.  This is a must-see site for any fan of Austen-based fanfic.  The site requires a password which varies depending on your age group, as the mature-rated fics are not visible if you log-in with a password from a teen-friendly site such as dwiggie.com.  To obtain the password, I suggest you google for it and then choose from the appropriate site for your age-group.


17 Responses to About

  1. Hi Gioia, Can you e-mail me at quailcreekpub@hotmail.com. I have a favor to ask. Thanks. Mary

  2. BethW says:

    Hi Gioia,
    I just wanted to let you know that the permanent links for It Started With a Kiss (http://www.dwiggie.com/derby/bethw.htm) and The Confident Mr. Darcy (http://www.dwiggie.com/derby/bethw2.htm) are up on Dwiggie.
    Thank you again for your recs of my stories. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    • Gioia says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time to alert me, BethW! I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness! I’ve updated the recs accordingly. Of course, now I’m also mid-way through a re-read of “The Confident Mr. Darcy.” Your stories seem to be rather addictive! 😉

  3. Hi. Wow. First, I’d like to say that this is a wonderful blog. Your reviews are informational and colorful. I am definitely going to read some of these stories. I am currently in the process of writing two Harry Potter fanfictions. I’d love for you to read them and tell me what you think.

  4. Hi Gioia,
    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I think your blog is really unique, because I’ve never seen a blog that reviews fanfics! It’s pretty dang awesome!
    If you’d like to accept, check out the following link:
    Have an awesome day!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’m actually hoping you can help me find a story that has been driving me crazy. I can’t for the life of me remember which P&P story this is. PuhPuhPuh Please help me! lol This story actually has a mean Georgiana. The Bennets are vacationing in Ramsgate because Jane is sick. Elizabeth stops Georgiana from leaving with Wickham. Somehow Elizabeth is thought to be compromised by Darcy so he agrees to marry her – although very reluctantly.

    Any ideas which story this is?!

    • Gioia says:

      Oh, that is definitely familiar! Have you done a search at JAFFIndex.com for stories under the categories “Georgiana Darcy as a brat,” or “First meeting at Ramsgate instead of Meryton,” or under “Forced/Arranged marriage”? At a glance, “Being Mrs. Darcy” by Lucy S might fit your description.

      Sadly, I am the absolute worst at connecting plots with their story’s title and author. (That’s actually why I first began keeping my story rec lists years ago, lol.) Probably the best suggestion I can therefore offer is to try the “Looking for a story thread” at DarcyAndLizzy.com or Here at AHA.

      When you find the story — as I am sure you will 🙂 — would you mind leaving a reply here with the story’s name, author and location? So sorry I can’t provide better assistance!

  6. rachallan@me.com says:

    I think this might be “Being Mrs Darcy”, by Lucy S?

  7. Robbie says:

    Hi Gioia, I just read your review on Amazon of the poster/art print of “The Consultation” by Harry Anderson. It is available now. Best wishes. Robbie

  8. Laura Krueger says:

    Hi Gioia,

    I’m Laura Krueger, Editorial Manager and Coordinator of itcher magazine (http://itcher.com/mag).

    itcher Magazine is an entertainment recommendations magazine, suggesting titles and artists focusing on the unknown, the underrated and the absolute musts across four categories: movies, books, music and games.

    We’re in the process of adding new content to our magazine and are looking for book critics/writers with a good eye for book recommendations.

    It would be a joy to have you provide some of your insights, we feel that your views and charisma would add such a wonderful touch to the energy, content and value of our magazine.

    Please get back if interested so we can discuss it further.

    Thank you very much, really looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,
    Laura Krueger

  9. Wade Hatler says:

    Hey Gloria,
    I see you don’t really seem to be active anymore, but I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work in the past. I’ve been through this entire site, and read dozens and dozens of stories,, which have provided me hours and hours of entertainment. I just thought I would give you a shout out, because I found your site very well organized, and very helpful in sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

    I’m even writing my own fanfic now, and so I think to some extent I have you to thank.

    Wade Hatler

    • Gioia says:

      Thank you so very much for your kind words, Wade! They mean a lot to me. I’m definitely still around however a lack of a laptop and my ailing hubby’s needs have conspired to keep me from updating here in awhile. But if you check the sidebar, there are links to my recommended novels and fics, particularly on AO3 and FFN. I’m quite active on the former, though my recs are much, much briefer there. I hope that helps provide you with more reading material!
      With much gratitude,

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