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The Ladies’ Auxilary Pie Auction by Lauriofthepen

We know that Rilla has always been interested in Ken, but when did Ken start seeing Rilla differently? Continue reading

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Say Something and Around The Bend by JennWithAPen

Story Title:  Say Something, Around the Bend Author Name:  JennWithAPen Category:  Anne of Green Gables Category: Rare Fandom Story Url: Say Something and Around the Bend Content Rating:  Teen Status: Both Completed Length:   53,344 words and 61,841 Story Summary – … Continue reading

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A Study in Magic by Book of Changes

Story Title:  A Study In Magic Author Name:  Book of Changes (aka akito_shi) Category: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Crossover Story Url: Story Link Content Rating:  Teen Status: Completed, with completed sequel, too. Length:   507,372 words as of March 24, 2014 Story Summary:  … Continue reading

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A Study in Magic by Vixit

Story Title: A Study in Magic Author Name:  Vixit Story Url: Story Link Content Rating: Teen Status: Completed Length:   47,088 words Story Summary:  When Albus Dumbledore shows up atBaker Streetwith strange demands and baby-filled picnic baskets, Sherlock Holmes is less than thrilled. Featuring … Continue reading

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