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Contains spoilers for Season 2 (2000-2001) of Roswell

Revelations by EmilyluvsRoswell

Story: Revelations Author: EmilyluvsRoswell Story URL: Story Link Word count: 150,000+ Rating: R Summary: Post-End of the World. With a twist. Gioia’s Rec: EmilyluvsRoswell’s talent is obvious in all of her stories, but it is in my absolute favorite Roswell … Continue reading

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Everything by Cookie2697

Story:  Everything Author:  Cookie2697 Story URL:  Story Link Word count: Epic length Rating:  PG-13 to NC-17 Summary:  Future Fic. Max and Liz have been separated for 10 years. What will happen when they finally meet again? Gioia’s Rec: Cookie’s story … Continue reading

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