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Contains spoilers for Season 3, “Children of Earth” (2009), of Torchwood

The Cold Heaven by WendyMR (WMR)

Story Title:  The Cold Heaven Author Name:  WendyMR (aka WMR) Category:  Doctor Who Category: Torchwood Story Url: Story Link Alternate Url: Story Link 2 Content Rating:  Teen Status: Completed Length:   52,777 words Story Summary:   “They say black holes are like … Continue reading

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The Captain Dances by companionenvy

Story Title:  The Captain Dances Author Name: companionenvy Story Url: Story Link 1 Content Rating: Teen Status: Completed Length: 3,784 words Story Summary: The Doctor sends post-Children of Earth Jack back to wartime London – and Nancy. Gioia’s Rec: I … Continue reading

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