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Guest Rec: This, You Protect by Owlet

Thought-provoking, character-driven, methodical & excellent writing technique, captivating plot, utterly addictive, and worth every second of my attention. I hope this tale goes on forever. Continue reading

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The Martian by Andy Weir

Story Title:  The Martian Author Name: Andy Weir Category:   Published Book Category: SciFi Amazon Url: Story Link Content Rating:  Teen (for language) Status: Completed, with movie made Length:   385 pages Story Summary:  Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one … Continue reading

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11/22/63 by Stephen King

Story Title:  11/22/63 Author Name:  Stephen King Category:    Published Book Story Url: Amazon Content Rating:  Adult Status: Published 2012 Length:   880 pages Story Summary:   Dallas, 11/22/63: Three shots ring out.  President John F. Kennedy is dead.  Life can turn … Continue reading

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Becoming Elizabeth Darcy by Mary Lydon Simonesen

Story Title: Becoming Elizabeth Darcy Author Name: Mary Lydon Simonsen Category:    Pride & Prejudice, Published Book Amazon url: Story Link Content Rating:  Mature Status: Completed Length:   326 pages Story Summary:   In 2011, American Elizabeth Hannigan, suffering from the flu, … Continue reading

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Watching Over series by WMR (aka wendymr)

Series Title: Disintegration Story Titles: Protector, Guardians, and Defenders Author Name: wendymr (aka WMR) Series Url: Series Link 1 Content Rating:  All Ages, Teen and Teen respectively Status: Completed Length: 3,582, 15,529 and 14,783 words respectively Story Summary:  I went … Continue reading

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A Matter of Time by Miss Lucy Jane

Story Title:  A Matter of Time Author Name:  Miss Lucy Jane Story Url: Story Link Content Rating:  All Status: Completed Length:   1,300 words Story Summary:   Hermione Granger matches wits with Jack Harkness. (Jack cheats.) Gioia’s Rec: Captain Jack in a … Continue reading

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Threads That Are Golden Don’t Break Easily by paperclipbitch

Story Title: Threads That Are Golden Don’t Break Easily Author Name: paperclipbitch Story Url: Story Link Content Rating: Teen Length: Novella Story Summary: Susan meets Captain Harkness at various points in her life. Gioia’s Rec: Recently I was caught up … Continue reading

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