Dead Links

Broken, Non-Functioning Story Links
If a story link is no longer working, Please leave me a comment on the rec so that I can edit the post. You don’t need to wait on me (I’m slow) to find a working link, though. Try the following:

  1. The JAFFIndex (for Jane Austen fanfic): Almost every Jane Austen fanfic on the internet is listed there with its most currently-known links. To login to the JAFF Index, you’ll need to google for a JAFF Index password, or go to a Jane Austen fan site like, login to their site, and then request a JAFF Index password. If you are an adult and your desired story has an adult rating, you’ll have to get a JAFF Index password that permits viewing of adult-rated fics. Make sure you specify that when you search for or request a JAFF Index password.
  2. The Wayback Machine, aka the Internet Archive, stores copies of most websites. However, many websites have opted out of that archiving function. So although every website on the internet CAN be archived, not every website IS. If you do find your missing story there, I suggest saving it immediately to your own computer (copy & paste) in case the author or website owner asks the Internet Archive to delete their archived copy. (This has frequently happened to stories I’ve found archived there.)
  3. Google: If all else fails, do a google search for the story summary or for a short passage from the story. Be prepared to dig through a lot of search results. Putting quote marks around the entire excerpt lets Google know to search for that precise text, not variations thereof.
  4. Google‘s Cached Sites: When you do a google search, there is frequently an arrow next to the search results (see example below) which you can click, then select a cached version. Those cached versions of websites might still have a copy of your desired story. Again, I strongly recommend you save such stories to your own computer, as the cached versions of websites eventually get deleted.

About Saving Stories
As with all copyrighted materials (particularly Jane Austen Fanfic, for which the fanfic author owns the copyright, not Jane Austen), if you do download a personal copy of a story, please don’t share this with others, and absolutely do not post it somewhere yourself. The fact that these authors have shared their stories with us is a privilege. Please don’t ruin things for the rest of us by taking it upon yourself to illegally distribute another author’s work on the internet.