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Have you recently read an amazing published story or fanfiction which you know deserves to be promoted to others, but which has not yet been mentioned on this blog?  Feel free to recommend your own favorite stories in the comments section below!  I can’t make any promises about whether or not I’ll get a chance to read and recommend the story, too, but I’d love to know what you’re reading and what has caught your interest.  If I write a rec for the story, too, I’ll be sure to publicly mention you as the one who referred me to it.

Criteria For Posting Your Recs On This Post:

  • Please don’t attempt to post your recs elsewhere on this blog.
  • Please skim the FYI page on this blog to first get an idea of the types of stories I rec, as well as some other general guidelines.
  • Recommendations for any published books are fine.  Recommendations of fanfic should generally be limited to those fandoms in which I’ve already expressed an interest (check the side bar for a list). If you’re not sure, go ahead and post the rec. If I have any concerns, I’ll contact you privately.
  • Please limit the story genre to the same general ballpark as those you know I and my readership enjoy.  For example, a sexually-graphic slash fic about Mr. Darcy as a serial killer is not something one would expect to find recommended here. You don’t need to perfectly match my interests, of course. Again, if in doubt, go ahead and post your rec. I’ll contact you if I have any concerns. My goal is simply to continue to target the same basic demographic here.
  • Keep in mind that this site is viewable to readers of all ages. I know for certain that there are children who read this blog. Please don’t include any swearing or graphic references in your recommendation. If you are recommending a story that contains mature content, please say so, but you don’t need to spell it out in detail. Simply saying that there is sexual content is fine.
  • Self-promotion is welcome. I know it can be awkward to recommend your own story, but keep in mind that I’m asking for your recs; you aren’t being pushy.  If, judging by the other stories I like, you can tell that I’ll enjoy your story, please let me know!

I’m more interested in reading your rec than quibbling over formatting.  So although it would be helpful if you would use the same basic format for your recs as I try to use for mine, this is not a requirement.  Not all of the information I typically include is easily available, so don’t stress over it.  Don’t worry over the html coding, either. Just paste the full link to your story if that’s easier.

Story Title: _____
Author Name: _____
Category: (E.g., Chronicles of Narnia, Doctor Who or Torchwood, Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice, Rare Fandom, Roswell, Published Book)
Story Url: Story Link 1
Alternate Url: Story Link 2 (Optional, if the story is posted in more than one place)
Content Rating: _____ (See sidebar for ratings examples.)
Status: (Completed, work-in-progress or abandoned?)
Length: _____ words  (If a word count isn’t available, please categorize the story as Drabble, Ficlet, Short Story, Novella, Novel, or Epic length, using the guideline HERE.) Story Summary: _____ (This is for the author’s story summary or blurb, not yours. If the author doesn’t provide a summary, just write “Not available” or “N/A” and then include your own summary within your story rec, below.)

[Insert your name]’s Rec:
Examples of talking points (Though you can say whatever you want): Why does this story deserve to be promoted?  What makes it stand out from others?  Are there any particular scenes that really touched you?  Try not to include spoilers, but let us know what you enjoyed most about this story.

My Only Critique:  This optional inclusion is ONLY for published novels or fanfics within the Jane Austen fandom. Read “Critique in Recs” here on the FYI Page for guidelines.  Most important: BE KIND. Critique should be limited to a few sentences on those few things which would prevent others from enjoying the story. You don’t need to give examples, expound on these elements of critique, or use this as an opportunity to list all the things you don’t like about a story.  This is not an opportunity to bash on someone’s hard work. You are writing a story recommendation, not a review.  There are other sites that are better suited for writing reviews.

38 Responses to Share Your Recs

  1. Mary says:

    Story Title: A Lesson of Hope
    Author: Mahhhfy
    Category: Pride & Prejudice
    Story Url:
    Alternate Url:
    Content Rating: All Ages
    Status: Completed
    Length: 3,500
    Story Summary: Missing scene from Pride and Prejudice. Lady Catherine, highly displeased, makes her sentiments known to her nephew. Elizabeth isn’t the only one with an explosive temper when provoked.
    Mary’s Rec:
    This story was a great representation of the missing confrontation between Lady Catherine and Darcy. It’s everything you could expect from such an argument—Lady Catherine is furious and insulting, while Darcy struggles with his own anger and confusion at his aunt’s words.
    Over the course of this short story, Darcy goes from completely hopeless and full of despair to overflowing with joy and hope for the future. Each bit of information is painfully extracted from his aunt and slowly teaches him to hope. The author, like Austen, also includes a healthy amount of the ridiculous, as Lady Catherine repeatedly contradicts herself and doesn’t realize the hypocrisy of her own words. My favorite part, aside from the humor, is the emotion of the story. You can practically feel Lady Catherine and Darcy’s anger coming through the words on the screen, and you want to cheer for Darcy when he realizes what she is saying.

    My Only Critique: The reader has far more insight into Darcy’s thoughts and feelings than they do in canon. I’m not saying this makes the story any worse to read or less enjoyable (in fact, I think the fic would be rather boring without that insight), only that there is a difference in style between this story at Jane Austen’s style.

    • Gioia says:

      Mary, I’m so excited to see your recs! I’m not familiar with either story, which absolutely delights me. I love seeing discovering new stories! These both look fantastic and I can’t wait to read them. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your recommendations!

  2. Mary says:

    Story Title: Meeting Mr. Bennet
    Author Name: SaphireFlame
    Category: Pride & Prejudice
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: All Ages
    Status: Completed
    Length: 1,000 words
    Story Summary: Everyone is very surprised to find that Mr. Bennet has gone to visit Mr. Bingley, including the reader, since we’re never shown that first interaction between the Bennets and the Netherfield party. Here’s my take on what might have happened.
    Mary’s Rec:
    This story, though very short, is an extremely enjoyable read. It’s a smile from beginning to end, and a very believable beginning to our favorite story. The author captures Mr. Bennet’s character (his humor especially) perfectly, and he even manages to surprise not only his wife an daughters (and Jane Austen’s readers) with his visit, but he also manages to slightly shock the gentleman. I highly recommend reading this
    My Only Critique: My only problem with this story is that it ended, and that it’s not any longer

  3. Mary says:

    I’m glad you’re so eager to read these stories, as I’m rather eager for your opinion too. See, I wrote A Lesson of Hope and I’m very proud of it, though it is a little weird for me to send you a rec practically begging you to read it lol. But I made sure to check your rec guidelines, and you did specifically say it’s okay, which is why I sent it to you. The other story is very short and simple, but it’s so perfect and based on your other recs I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do. I hope you like them, and thanks for recommending so many wonderful stories that I have loved.
    Also, thanks to you, I’ve discovered a world of JAFF beyond =) Now if only I could find a way to access AHA and MRR, I could read a bunch of fics that I’m eager for. Thanks again for all your efforts, they are greatly appreciated

    • Gioia says:

      I’m really delighted that you took a chance on including your own fic among your recs! As you noted, I definitely welcome self-pimping. 🙂 I can’t always promise what I’ll get a chance to rec (RL has been pretty dreadful lately. As a result, I’ve been working on the same rec for about 10 days and am finding it impossible to manage semi-coherency!), but I’m always searching for new stories to read. They’re a marvelous escape mechanism. You know your work better than anyone else, and if you are enjoying the same stories that I am, then you are absolutely right to think that I’ll love yours, too. And after all, a main point to this blog is to help bring attention to stories that might otherwise be overlooked. I never would have seen your story without your mentioning it to me. Hopefully others will get a chance to enjoy it, too, thanks to your post! I truly appreciate your taking the initiative to share your work with me. I’m also so happy to know you’ve found a lot of stories over here to enjoy. That always makes my day!

      Now what’s this about trouble accessing AHA and MRR? Did you have trouble with the registration process? Is there anything I can do to help, such as getting an admin to contact you?

      Also, I see you haven’t listed your story over at the You should do so! That’s where a lot of P&P fans go to find stories.


  4. Sheogorath says:

    Story Title: Commencement of a Prophecy
    Author Name: Sheogorath
    Category: Harry Potter
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: Parental Guidance
    Status: Completed
    Length: 1,431 words Story
    Summary: What if Harry wasn’t born to James and Lily Potter, but the prophecy was triggered with him anyway? AU that parallels canon. Warnings for multiple character death and minor character death, but nothing very graphic.
    I know you wanted a rec and a critique, but being an Autie, I find it extremely difficult to write stuff like that for other people’s work, never mind my own.

  5. ma.imelda says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and I know I will enjoy checking out your recommendations. Here are some of the stories that I truly enjoyed and treasured. I hope that these will be just as enjoyed by you and your other readers as well. Dwiggie and Merryton Reading Room/A Happy Assembly have been a very good source for me of excellent P&P variation writers.

    Story Title: Of Time Gone By
    Author Name: Bekah
    Category: Pride & Prejudice, Story Url:
    Content Rating:
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel of 42 chapters
    Story Summary: A tragic childhood illness changed the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy. When he meets a young gentlewoman named Elizabeth Bennet, his world is transformed again.
    >My Comment: Darcy at his most vulnerable state and Lizzy is his fiercest deffender.

    Story Title: The Birthright.
    Author Name: Bekah
    Category: Pride & Prejudice, Story Url:
    Content Rating:
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel of 55 Chapters
    Story Summary: Supported by his wealthy godfather, Mr. Wickham of Pemberley, young William Darcy becomes the curate at Kympton.

    Story Title: Being Mrs. Darcy
    Author Name: LucyS
    Category: Pride & Prejudice, Story Url:
    *must join and be a member of A Happy Assembly to be able to go to Merryton
    Reading Room*
    Content Rating: Mature
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel of 61 chapters
    Story Summary: Being Mrs Darcy is a forced marriage scenario and is rated for mature audiences only and it is angsty. Remember what Darcy is like in canon pre-Hunsford? I took him at his words to Elizabeth in Chapter 58: “I have been a selfish being all my life… [My parents] allowed, encouraged, almost taught me to be selfish and overbearing; to care for none beyond my own family circle; to think meanly of all the rest of the world; to wish at least to think meanly of their sense and worth compared with my own.”  How, then, would he feel if he had a wife thrust upon him – a woman he did not know and whose circumstances in life were very much beneath his own? How will Elizabeth react to being forced to marry a man she doesn’t know and who very clearly does not think highly of her or her family?
    >My Comment/s: Imagine Elizabeth Bennet married to the arrogant aristocratic Mr. Darcy that entered the Merryton Assembly. Additionally, a Mr. Darcy who has not discovered the liveliness of his wife’s eyes and her other beautiful qualities, he is in fact fighting the revulsion of being married to someone much much beneath him. Elizabeth Bennet Darcy will prove once and for all her strength, her intelligence, and a beautiful woman inside and out. Lizzy at her finest!

    Story Title: His Choice of a Wife
    Author Name: Dolly1981
    Category: Pride & Prejudice, Story Url:
    Content Rating: Mature
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel of 33 Chapters
    Story Summary: A what-if variation that imagines how P&P would proceed after Hunsford if Darcy quickly realized that his behavior needed correcting, and if Elizabeth realized much sooner that Darcy has some redeeming qualities after all.  More importantly, what if Darcy and the Colonel were still visiting with Mrs. Collins when Elizabeth returns after having read Darcy’s letter?
    >My Comment/s: This will start out as the usual Darcy-Lizzy finding love after the disastrous proposal of Darcy. I enjoyed this though because of the deep loyalty and love they developed for each other because of the challenges that came their way. Darcy is forced to defend his fiance and will test his devotion for her… I cannot say more because it will ruin the story. Take note, it’s Mature, so readers who do not like sex mentioned during this era should probably stay away.

    Story Title: A Man of No Consequence
    Author Name: Heather F
    Category: Pride & Prejudice, Story Url:
    Content Rating:
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novela of 13 Chapters
    Story Summary: An accident forces Mr. Bennet to ask for Elizabeth’s help in managing his estate, while Bingley’s arrival at Netherfield coincides with the abrupt departure of its dishonest steward. When Darcy offers to find a suitable replacement, his generosity has unexpected repercussions.
    >My Comment: short but fun.

    Story Title: We Shall Never Surrender
    Author Name: Jimmy
    Category: Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion
    Story Url:
    Content Rating:
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel
    Story Summary: World War II tests the strength of the British and the characters from Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion
    >My Comment/s: In the process of reading but finding it very interesting and informative. I love the drama of our characters in perolous situation. It test their strength, worth, and intelligence. (It has been important for me that Lizzy is just not a person knowledgeable in books and can hold great conversations, but that she can use her intelligence in practical and important matters.)

    • Gioia says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your recs with me! I’m thrilled to see so many fantastic stories listed here. Some of these are stories I’ve already rec’ed, which tells me I’m going to love your taste in stories. 😉 Thanks again!

  6. ma.imelda says:

    Hi! For those who like the love triangle of Charles Bingley-Jane Bennet-Col. Richard Fitzwilliam (I won’t reveal who ended up with whom), I found this very nice novel of AmyJ.

    Story Title: Paths of Men
    Author Name: AmyJ
    Category: Pride & Prejudice,
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: T
    Status: Completed
    Length: Novel of 37 chapters + epilogue
    Story Summary: Charles Bingley’s decision not to return to Netherfield has far reaching consequences – not only for himself, but for Jane and others.
    >My Comment: This has a companion story with Darcy and Elizabeth as the main characters,’An Engaging Friendship’. But ‘Paths of Men’, I think, can can be read on its own with Jane as the central character. I like the character of Jane developed by Amy. She is not perfect nor the quiet, colorless angel pictured by Jane Austen. In Paths of Men, she is just as real with her feelings, can get hurt and jealous, fall for the charms of men, but she is an overall good person so she is loved and adored by many… One other thing that I find interesting in this novelette, is that AmyJ made the readers aware that there is an ongoing war against France and it can affect the characters’ lives.

    • Gioia says:

      I’m so excited to see your rec for this story. AmyJ is a fantastic author and I’ve been very interested in reading this one, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. This looks great! Thanks again!

  7. Mary says:

    Story Title: Harry Potter and Fate’s Second Chance
    Author Name: neerjya
    Category: Harry Potter
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: All Ages
    Status: Abandoned
    Length: 289,249 words
    Story Summary: The war effort in shambles and Harry’s friends dead and Horcruxes still not destroyed Harry is trying to fight a losing battle with an immortal Voldemort. Fate decides to intervene & offer Harry a second chance.The only catch Harry has no previous memories.
    Mary’s Rec:
    This story is a really enjoyable take on the Harry Potter series. Fate sends Harry back in time to relive his life at Hogwarts. There is a catch: he has no memories of the future. However, she lets him keep the traits of his adult self from before he is sent back. He is just as intelligent, perceptive, mature, confident, wise, loyal, and fun-loving as he was the day he was sent back, only now he has those traits as an eleven-year-old. Also, Fate allows him to remember one thing from him former life: he loves Ginny Weasley. Eleven-year-old Harry doesn’t understand his feelings for her, he is only certain that he loves her from the moment he lays eyes on her, and eventually forms a soul bond with her. Watch as Harry deals with the same events during his years in Hogwarts, only with the mental capacity of an adult. Also, Harry takes every opportunity he can to enjoy himself, leading to some truly entertaining pranks and jokes. This is one of the best Harry Potter fics out there, and if you haven’t read this, you’re really missing out.
    My Only Critique: Unfortunately, this story has been abandoned. The story is so long that you don’t feel as let down at the end as you usually would at the end of an incomplete story, but it does still leave you wanting more.

  8. ehrenyu says:

    Story Title: Lionsnake Chronicles I: Harry and the Viper’s Chess
    Author Name: Eria
    Category: Harry Potter
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: T (for some violence, allusions to abuse/neglect, mild swearing/cursing, some sexual content but not graphic)
    Status: Complete
    Length: 82,223 words
    Story Summary: Harry rebels against two particular traits expected of a Slytherin, that of unwavering House loyalty and self-serving ambition. As he experiences life as a student of Hogwarts, he learns that, while some of his housemates are not who they merely appear to be, others are precisely the sort of person they present. The chess board is set… How will Harry play the game?

    I recommend it because though it follows canon really closely, It’s a Slytherin!Harry fic that doesn’t have him superpowered. it has awesome nuances and character development between Harry and the other Slytherins. I think the fact that all the characters are really very well done and IC, plus the spelling/writing isn’t so bad either. The scenes between Severus Snape (Head of House) and Harry were the most memorable to me because Snape is still a manipulative, nasty individual. There’s been no attempt to make him OOC nice.

    • Gioia says:

      This sounds fantastic and definitely right up my alley! Thanks so much for sharing your rec. I can’t wait to read this!

      • ehrenyue says:

        Thank you. I hope it’s to your liking. The author has also finished the second book and seems to be nearly done with the third! It looks like more of the same. Awesome characterizations, believable character development, and imaginative details added in. The third book seems to really be diverging from canon, so I’m excited about the next arcs.

  9. Sofie says:

    Story Title: Mistaken
    Author Name: jessie
    Category: Pride & Prejudice
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: MA
    Status: WIP (author is working though and keeps in contact with fans)
    Length: Novel-length with 18 chapters at present – may be Epic-length when complete
    Story Summary: The author doesn’t give an official summary or blurb but instead a gist: “Just about everyone in Pride and Prejudice was mistaken about something or someone. What if those misconceptions were slightly different? Would the characters find the truth sooner, or end up even more mistaken? This is a WIP P&P variation that picks up after Darcy’s first proposal and after he has given Elizabeth his letter. There is some angst, but hopefully lots of humour and perhaps even some fluff to make it bearable.”

    Sofie‘s Rec:
    This story may be my absolute favourite out of all the P&P fics I’ve read. Some core-elements are used especially well:
    – Humor: This story is FUNNY – really, really funny – and instead of just establishing that Elizabeth is witty, jessie shows it. There are lots of quote-worthy lines in this story and not just from Lizzy.
    – Characterization: Is amazing. Though the premise changes very, very little, the effects on the characters are big but very logical – although the characters are presented somewhat differently than in canon (at least some characters), it seems natural and not out of place. There is a good deal of character development showing the changes. I also appreciate that though some characters are criticized (on a sort of meta-level), no character is demonized. They are all flawed individuals with good and bad points to them.
    – Romance: This may be my favourite Darcy & Lizzy – they are so cute together (and apart) that I was practically gushing all the time.
    Together these elements make for a really awesome story that I must confess to having read multiple times.
    I recommend having a dictionary handy when reading this, by the way, as jessie “studies too much for words of four syllables” (not really though) and uses words that I, at least, had to look up. I think this in some ways gives a more authentic feel to the story, instead of writing it entirely with more modern words.

    My Only Critique: There are some things to consider – though they might qualify as criticisms or considerations for some readers, most of these points actually enhance the story to me, but I’m aware it’s not everyoe’s cup of tea: 1) There may be a spelling mistake or two, which is not really anything to detract from the enjoyment of the story. To be fair, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a single one in a story of this length (and to be sure, I’ve only actually noticed one). 2) On plot level, there is some angst in there – as the story begins shortly after the Hunsford proposal, this is to be expected. It is not that heavy, though, and is very integral to character development in all the characters. 3) There are also a few OCs but they don’t overshadow the canon characters. 4) One last thing: The characterization of Jane and Bingley diverge the most from canon – as we see multiple perspectives, not just Lizzy’s, Jane is not always seen as perfect and she is also more bitter and jealous about Bingley leaving in this story than in canon. Bingley’s characteristics of falling in and out of love quickly and being easily led are played up in this story (though precisely how, I will leave for you to read for yourself).

    • Gioia says:

      Sofie, this looks fantastic and I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for taking the time to write out the rec! Aside from being desperately in need of some excellent wit in my life right now, this portion of your review really sold me: “I also appreciate that though some characters are criticized (on a sort of meta-level), no character is demonized. They are all flawed individuals with good and bad points to them.” I love new takes on characters, and I don’t mind an occasional story where someone is turned into a villain who wasn’t so in canon. But I get very annoyed by seeing characters demonized over what are clearly just normal, human flaws. We’re all flawed creatures, including our favorite characters. I’d rather read about flawed characters than perfect, 2-dimensional little Mary Sues. This sounds excellent. Great job on the rec!

    • soft2smooth2000 says:

      alas! this wonderful story has disappeared from aha, and I am devastated! 😦 absolutely concur with your rec, and would love to know if the author has indeed taken their work down, and if so, if I can beg for a word doc/pdf from any fellow jaff folk! x

      • Sofie says:

        I actually, well, stalked the author a bit to find out. It was taken down some months ago because some of the authors on AHA were plagiarized/ had their stories published by someone else without their consent. I completely understand that jessie, the author, feared for ‘Mistaken’ in that situation.

        Unfortunately, I don’t have a saved copy, but she has promised that it will return sometime this year when she’s ready to post again/ has finished it. We’ll just have to be patient, I suppose 🙂

    • Soft2smooth2000 says:

      Good gracious really? I had no idea! Lol, if I’d known I would have been virtually author stalking alongside you! Thank you for the swift informative reply… I’m so glad that it’s a matter of waiting. For such wonderful writing I am more that happy to do so! 😃

  10. Alice says:

    Story Title: The Best Part of Love
    Author Name: Alex9903
    Category: Pride and Prejudice
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: Teen/PG-13
    Status: Completed
    Length: Epic
    Story Summary: This story starts with a secretly titled, wealthy Elizabeth meeting a clueless and arrogant Darcy who performs pretty similarly to canon up until he leaves Netherfield after the ball. Once they manage to work through all of that — then the real problem hits. My story has a bit of a mystery to it, and especially in the first parts, there are lots of little clues sprinkled in that won’t make sense until later.

    Alice‘s Rec:
    I love stories where the main characters have children, and I adore stories where Elizabeth is wealthy/titled (and I know you like them too, since I’ve found some through your site). The background of this story and the mystery point the author talk about are different than I’ve seen before in other stories, and I like the originality. (I’m not sure how to give more details than that without spoiling a lot of the fun, sorry!) I absolutely did not expect the events that happened at the end of the story, and was on the edge of my seat reading it. I ignored all my responsibilities this afternoon to read this story and it is going on my to-reread list. The story is told from multiple points of view, including some bits from the villain, so you get a wider idea of what is going on.

    My Only Critique: Elizabeth and Darcy act somewhat differently than canon, but that makes sense since it is an AU. Elizabeth in particular is more subdued during a lot of the story, but given her very difficult circumstances in the story she and the other characters act in believable ways. I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar errors.

    • Gioia says:

      This sounds brilliant. And you’re right: This is definitely the type of story I love! Thank you so much for the recommendation! Out of curiosity, how angsty would you say it is?

      Thanks again for the rec!

  11. Su says:

    Omgggg thank you for the update!!! 🙂 xxxxxx

  12. ReyEl says:

    Story Title: This, You Protect
    Author Name: owlet
    Category: Captain America, Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: All Ages
    Status: Completed
    Length: 64326
    Story Summary: The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

    ReyEl’s Rec:
    Where do I even start? The whole fic is precious and wonderful and heartwarming. I have read it twice so far and I just found new reasons to love this. The writing is superb, the characterization is wonderful and the few OCs that get introduced in this story as so good they feel like they have been there all along and the author makes you care deeply for them almost from the get-go. Its a beautiful AU that you can only wish would be canon, fortunately there’s a sequel, so it makes you less sad when you get to the end of this one. I never used to be a big Bucky fan, but then I read this and I fell deeply in love. It portrays Bucky in ways few fanfics ever manage to, it lays bare the inner workings of a brain that has been through the grinder hundreds of times and at the end came through because his best friend needed him. It tells the story of a literal nobody building a life for himself, making choices for the first time and becoming something, becoming a human being.

    • ReyEl says:

      I leave a rec here of this fandom because I just today happened upon your AO3 bookmarks and saw there were a few Captain America bookmarks there. That’s how I realized you might like this fic (I honestly can’t imagine somebody not liking it).

    • Gioia says:

      This is a magnificent story! I’m so glad you shared it! I absolutely love it. Would you mind me sharing your rec on the main page? I’ll credit you as its author, of course! 🙂

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  14. irinamarenco says:

    Series Title: An Ever-Fixed Mark
    Author Name: AMarguerite
    Category: Pride & Prejudice
    Series Url:
    Content Rating: Mature (there are some sex scenes in the stories)
    Status: The main stories are complete. The drabbles, ficlets, and outtakes are still WIPs.
    Length: Epic (cca 485000 words)
    Series Summary: Not available
    Irina’s Series’ Summary: In a world where you have your soulmate’s name on your wrist, relationships are, perhaps, more difficult for this.
    Irina’s Rec: I loved the permutations for Elizabeth, all wonderfully done. AMarguerite pairs her with Colonel Fitzwilliam, with Mr. Darcy and with the Duke of Wellington, in the main three stories of the series. I adore how everything comes together, goes apart and comes together again in Elizabeth’s life: the battle of Waterloo kills/doesn’t kill Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Elizabeth goes in three complete different directions after this major event. AMarguerite is a talented writer and the characters are alive under her pen. There are a few OCs, but they are masterfully integrated in the familiar cast.
    My Only Critique: The first story in the series is an outtake. It can throw you from the real beginning – the second story. For me it would have worked better if the order on the page was different and this outtake was lower. Of course, you can begin reading the series with the second story!

    • Sofie M. says:

      I second this! AMarguerite is a really engaging and funny writer and gives great voice to someone like Elizabeth.

      Also: The main story has a number of other stories in the same series, most notably an AU of her AU where Elizabeth forms a relationship with the Duke of Wellington instead of Darcy. AMarguerite also recently began posting a “reverse” of the original story, where Elizabeth marries Darcy first. For the readers who aren’t purists, there’s lots of good stuff from AMarguerite!

  15. Claude says:

    Story Title: Keeping Calm
    Author: Booknut
    Category: Pride & Prejudice
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: MA
    Status: WIP, currently (Sept 2018) updated once a week
    Length: Epic length
    Story Summary: The summer of 1939 found England once again at the brink of war, and the vast estates that once employed the population at the brink of extinction. The worldwide depression had not spared anyone, nor had the lingering costs of the Great War. William Darcy is caught in the middle of this upheaval, wondering how he can serve his country while protecting the future of Pemberley. Perhaps the answer lies in recognizing the right partner to stay by his side, someone who feels love as deeply as he does, someone who will help him to keep calm and carry on. Someone, named Elizabeth.

    Claude’s Rec:
    This story is a delight, and kept me hooked for days. As always, Booknut’s stories succeed in creating angst outside of E&D’s relationship, and pairs them quickly in the story. In this very, very long story, the author describes the layered, complex motivations and doubts of a great many characters, and really fleshes them out. Their roles – in the war, as men and women in the society of the 1940’s – are explored. The characters feel so… real, this is probably the greatest strength of the story. Elizabeth’s character, and Darcy, are amongst the best versions I have read. They are compelling, and yet flawed, and love each other so, so much. The interactions between the women in this story are also spot on – it definitely passes the Bechdel test ! The story depicts female friendship in a true, poignant way. Women discuss their lives, but also their aspirations, and their beliefs. And Lady Catherine is… surprising. Her relationship with Elizabeth is a delight to read, and I would recommend the story for that alone.
    Note that when I say it is really long, I mean. The story is currently on its 12th page on AHA, and each chapter is probably about 30-40 pages.

    • Gioia says:

      Holy cow I am so excited to try out your rec! Excellent write-up; thanks for sharing it!

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I was having log-in problems, ugh.

  16. Michelle says:

    Story Title: The Odd Duck’s Quest
    Author Name: Sempre libera
    Category: Pride and Prejudice (crossover with MP)
    Story Url:
    Content Rating: Teen (Pg13)
    Status: Completed
    Length: 130,507 words

    Michelle’s Rec:
    I really enjoyed Sl’s characterizations. She really gave a relatable voice to Mary and Kitty, and laid bare Georgianna’s shame and self doubt. I found myself engrossed. (despite my skepticism as MP falls in the middle of my Austen preferences.) Sl’s wit and plot pulled me in and made love Mary, the oft forgotten middle Bennet sister.

    My Only Critique: I wish the author had been a bit kinder in her portrayal of Elizabeth, in her views of her most tedious sister.

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