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Gravity is a Harsh Mistress by Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords)

Story Title:  Gravity is a Harsh Mistress Author Name:  Rachael Sabotini (wickedwords) Category:  The Martian Content Rating:  Teen Status: Complete Length:  2,996 words Story Summary:  Mark didn’t come away from Mars completely unscathed. Gioia’s Rec: I’d really like to believe that Mark … Continue reading

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Interplanetary Sexting by greglet

In which Mindy is assigned to Instant Message Mark in addition to watching him via Satellite. Hijinks ensue. Continue reading

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Bringing Him Home by sasstronautmarkwatney (msindyjones)

Easily one of the best fanfics available for “The Martian.” Continue reading

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The Timely Brothers by NyGi

Story Title:  The Timely Brothers Series (Start with “Baby Brother to read chronologicaly; or go to the Trick or Treat Series to read the same stories organized by writing date.) Author Name:  NyGi Category: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Category: Harry Potter … Continue reading

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